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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Morning

We celebrated Christmas at home on Christmas Eve.  We told the girls that Shauntea asked Santa to come by our house a day early so we would be able to travel and visit family on Christmas day. Sounded good to them!  We adjusted our Christmas countdown and said our goodbye's to Shauntea before we headed to bed on the Eve before Christmas Eve...

The girls are at the stage now where it is fun to watch them open their stockings and their gifts.  They get so excited about EVERYTHING!  We started with stocking stuffers...

And before we passed out gifts...we tried our best to get a picture in front of the Christmas tree.  Goobers...

We followed the four present rule again this year.  Makes buying gifts a very purposeful task.  Each one of us got something we want, something we need, something we wear and something we read and then there is a Santa gift.

Carli's gifts were: 

Wear:  A heart locket with her name on it and  spot for pictures on the inside
Need:  Guitar...this was  a stretch, we actually bought her lessons which is a need for the new guitar she wanted!
Read:  Several Level 1 & 2 books and a Frozen Puzzle Book
Want:  Make Up
Santa:  Kurio Phone - to replace the iPhone they play in the car

The girls bought Keith "real" pajamas, which in kid terms means he got a matching shirt and pants.  They were superman.  This was VERY important to Ava and she was so excited to watch him open his gift.

Keith's other gifts included:

Want:  Second Computer Screen for his home computer
Need:  TV for garage to put in front of his treadmill
Wear:  The standard underwear and under shirts
Read:  We bought each other "Strong Willed Child" by Dobson, this could have fallen under need!

Oh my Ava.  She was so excited for Christmas this year and absolute pure joy to watch open every gift.  Ava's gifts included:

Wear:  Rollar Skates
Want:  New Baby Doll
Need:  New Stroller for Baby Doll (her other was "lost" in the move)
Read:  New Frozen book and coloring book
Santa:  Kurio phone to replace the iPhone she plays in the car

No pictures of Momma this Christmas but here's what I got:

Wear:  Two new T-shirts from Racquet and Jog (lived here for 9 years and never had one!)
Want:  A new 'U' Pillow, it is AWESOME!
Need:  New sheets
Read:  Sharing "Strong Willed Child" with Keith

We had an awesome day at home!  The girls absolutely enjoyed playing with all their new gifts and we literally just hung out all day with a fire in the fire place.  It was awesome!

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