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Monday, December 22, 2014

Meet Sadie

We got a new dog.  Yes, we already have three, but we got another one.  :)  Sadie is a great Pyrenees and golden retriever mix born on November 7th.  Keith and Pa drove up to Kentucky to pick up Sadie.  Yes, Kentucky.  We had a friend who told us about the puppies and well, Keith couldn't resist.  :)

We wanted an outside dog for the girls.  Grammy & Pa have two Great Pyrenees and they are as old as Ava and they are very protective of the girls.  They "herd" them around and the girls absolutely love them.  So, it made sense when we were talking about getting a dog for the big back yard that we look for a dog that would love kids but also protect them. 

Keith said Sadie was one of 3 girl puppies...she was the last to walk out and towered over her sisters.  Keith came home with the biggest of the three - woohoo! 

Sadie has a very sweet personality.  She talks back to you if you tell her no.  She'll bark right back as if she's arguing with you.  It took her three weeks but she figured out how to come through the doggie door so we are anxiously awaiting her to out grow the door so our little dogs will have the freedom to go out as they please.  Sadie was about 11 pounds when she came home with Keith.

At Sadie's 9 week vet apt she was 17 lbs...she'd gained 8 lbs in two weeks.  The vet is estimating her to be no smaller than 150.  Keith is pumped.  Ha!  He wanted a big dog...she will definitely be big!
Sadie absolutely LOVES people.  As long as she is around people she is one happy dog.  The retriever in her comes out when she sees a ball.  Our little dogs are having a hard time adjusting to having a puppy around the house again.  It's been 9 years since they've dealt with a puppy.  Chuy (12) and Whitey Tighty (11) are not very tolerant of Sadie at all.  Shea will play with her which makes for an interesting combo since Shea is 10 lbs and Sadie is currently 17 lbs.  It will be a fun little friendship to watch!

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