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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Too Much Fun

Ava had an absolute blast on the Polar Express.  She was full of energy and smiles and pure joy.  Then Saturday morning she woke up and told us her throat hurt but went on her merry way to play with her sister.  But around lunch time she slowed down considerably and when Ava stops and lays down you know something isn't right. 

We opted to go ahead and take her to the Clinic just in case it was the flu or strep since waiting until Monday would make either diagnosis much more miserable. 

Ava and I waited for two hours before we got called back.  At one point her fever spiked to 104. 

But both strep and flu came back negative and we were sent home saying it maybe just be allergies and to call our regular doc on Monday.

Her fever was easily controlled with Motrin and Tylenol and with a low fever Ava was pretty much a happy kid.  But we kept her home from church on Sunday and to get her mind off of missing church, I did her nails with some Jamberry nails my cousin had given me.  I'll give them credit, I didn't push her cuticles back and she barely has nails b/c she picks at them and still they stayed on for a good 3 to 4 days before starting to come off!

I then had to do Carli's nails upon her return from church!
Ava was fever free until about 3 on Sunday afternoon and it came raging back.  So I got some really good cuddles in during bedtime and she managed to sleep most of the night.

Monday was more of the same...very high spiking fevers and no other major symptoms.  The nurse at her pediatrician said it was probably a virus and if the fever lasted until Wednesday to call back.  In the mean time, Ava, WT and I spent a lot to time cuddling and watching Disney.

Tuesday morning came and we were so hopeful that Ava was on the upswing as she had been fever free for 18 hrs...but by the time we got ready for school, in the car and to school it was apparent she was still not 100%.  Since I had a doc apt, Grammy met me in Jville and took Ava for the morning. 

Wednesday Ava was fever free and getting her energy back.  She continued to improve each day and no one else got sick.  We still aren't sure what was wrong but we'll take our sweet, bouncing, fever free Ava!

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