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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Birthday Play Date

For Carli's birthday, we took her to the Great Wolf Lodge at the end of September.  But we also promised her a birthday playdate with two of her friends.  We had our play date earlier in the month.  Her friends Branson and Shiloh were able to come over and I took them all to a pottery painting shop.  They had a lot of fun, acted like silly 5, 6 & 7 year olds and made some pretty interesting creations!

Ava and Shiloh both painted pumpkins.  Carli painted the owl mug and Branson the Frankenstein mug.

After we were all done painting, we headed to TCBY for a little treat and to open a couple of presents.  I think it is safe to say they had a great time.  I listened to some pretty interesting conversations ranging from who was a girly girl and who was a tom boy to how gross really long fingernails were and if you had long fingernails it would hurt if you tried to wipe your tush in the bathroom...seriously.  :/

Branson actually was suppose to be on a family camping trip but his mom made sure he could come b/c none of the kids ended up in the same class this year and they all kind of missed each other!  We were all thankful for her making sure he could be there!  After we met up with Branson's mom, the rest of us stopped by Lowe's to grab some things for Keith before we headed home.

The girls needed to see who was taller, the 7 or 6 year old...Shiloh won!  :)

The pottery got cooked and we finally were able to pick up the final products this week.  They turned out pretty cute...and interesting!
Ava and Carli's
I helped Ava go over her pumpkin.  She basically painted it the first time and I did the second and third coats so it would show up after being cooked.  

Ava added a spider to the inside of her pumpkin and in case you can't tell, that's an eye ball painted in the bottom of Carli's mug.

Here is Shiloh's pumpkin covered with spider webs.

Branson's mug which he proudly painted most of it with a toothbrush!  

We had a lot of fun on our birthday play date.  It was a little more intimate and Carli had a blast with her two best friends.  They did a good job of including Ava in their fun as well! 

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