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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Carli, On Your 7th Birthday

Dear Carli,

Today you turn seven.  The last year sure did fly by and wow, you have changed so much.  In one years time you have conquered kindergarten and entered into the world of 1st grade. 

You completed your first year of tball, learned so much and had an absolute blast.  You became a big sister, again, and are an amazing helper with your baby brother.  You are stubborn, you are bossy, you are caring, you are sensitive.  You love to write letters to people, and get letters back.  You love to create things, from paper or cardboard or anything else I'd let you bring in the house to build with.

You drive me nuts b/c you have an insane ability to literally turn your ears off and not listen especially when you are being lectured; yet despite appearing to not listening, you can verbatim recite part of your lecture back to your sister at the most appropriate time since you like to take it upon yourself to be her second mother.  You get an overwhelming urge to show people you love them and do so with kisses, hugs and cuddles - I often times have to remind myself to simply stop what I am doing and welcome your spontaneous show of affection because heaven forbid one day you stop giving it so freely and openly.

You are still a Daddy's girl.  You love your Daddy and want so badly to help him.  He's learning to let you help him, even if it takes twice as long to finish what he is doing.  Your relationship with your Pa and Pappy is one that I love to watch.  They love you unconditionally and you in turn give them that love back.  This is true when it comes to picking on each other as well.  The bond with your grandpa's is one that not many little girls are blessed with, and God has blessed you two times over.


There were many things growing up that I learned from my Grandma and I can honestly say she was one of my very best friends.  I watch you interact with your Grammy and your Naggy and it gives me peace.  I know that I won't always be the one you will want to talk to when it comes to the "problems" you are facing.  I know that the you are surrounded by ladies who love you with all their heart and they will help to guide you in the direction you should go, and most of all they will show you God's love in doing so.  You may see your time with Grammy as she takes you to swimming, teaches you to sew and most importantly teaches that art of garage selling as fun just like cooking cinnamon rolls, jumping on the trampoline and coloring with Naggy is fun.  But I look at those times as an amazing blessing of a relationship of trust, love and guidance maturing and the peace that comes from watching you interact with those two beautiful ladies is one that I know is a gift from God. 

 You are loved by so many people in your life.  You have three uncles, three aunts, numerous great aunts and uncles and lots and lots of lovely people from church who care for you so much.  In seven years, you have already made such an impact on so many people.

Carli, being your mom is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs I have ever done.  You challenge me daily and that's a good thing.  You are strong willed, yet you are not.  You want so badly for others to follow the schedule and rules, but if the schedule and rules aren't to your liking, you throw them out the window!  You are especially creative and love to make things for people.  You remind me of your Uncle Tone in this way.  He use to create the most crazy things out of paper, you are right there where he was!  You remind me of myself a lot in that you want to make other people happy.  You leave hidden love notes for us to find and are so giddy when we do.  We set up a family mail station just for you, so we could leave you notes, and secretly so I could save all the notes you write me.  I hold them very dear to my heart, even the ones that start off with "I'm disappointed in you Mom, but I still love you!"

With each year that passes, I am amazed with how quickly it seems to go and reminded constantly with just how much God has blessed me by making me your Momma.  My prayer for you this year is that you learn to take your caring spirit and share it with more people.  That you grow more in understanding God's love for you and more importantly that I can guide you in the right direction in that understanding.  You are such a smart, sweet girl.  I couldn't have asked for more of a challenge and blessing when I prayed for the precious baby forming in my womb in 2008.  You are wonderfully, and perfectly made - I am honored that you are my daughter. 

Happy 7th Birthday Carli! 

With Much Love,


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