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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ecoland Field Trip

On Wednesday I got to go with Ava on her first field trip to Ecoland in Kilgore.  I am thankful for my family and the help they are to us all.  Grammy is back teaching school temporarily for another teacher who is on maternity leave, Pa had his hands full with the farm and I was thinking it might just not be meant to be for me to go with Ava, but then I thought, I'll ask Aunt Carolyn!  Aunt Carolyn lives an hour and a half away but she agreed without hesitation to come watch Drew for me so that I could go with Ava.  Wow.  She got to our house by 7:30 am and she and Drew had a pretty good day!  He didn't really want to take a nap for her, but can you blame him?  His Great-Aunt Carolyn had come a long ways to play, why waste the day on napping?!  :)

With Drew in good hands, I set off to meet Ava and her school bus in Kilgore.  Ecoland was a pretty cool place.  The science teacher in Grammy would have been in heaven!  Another mom and I were in charge of 10 kiddos and we spent 30 minutes in three different rooms.

The Energy room was full of batteries and these really cool little bikes that when pedaled the kids could watch a light go up and down depending on how hard they worked.  They also watched a video on energy, and then got to listen to their heartbeats and try to use batteries to operate different toys.

The Wind room was a bit noisy but probably the most fun for the kids.  They played with a wind tunnels, read books on wind and made cars with sails to catch the wind for races. 

The Solar room had a dome in the middle of it that we watched the stars and solar system on.  Then they got to play with lights that mimicked solar energy, did puzzles on the solar system and may have played kick ball with the sun....

Our last room was a big classroom where they went more in depth on wind.  It was a cute demonstration on blowing balls and how when the balls weighed more it took more wind to move them.

Unlike her sister, Ava wanted to ride back to school on the bus instead of with me.  I enjoyed my nice quiet ride to and from Kilgore.  We all had a great time and are so grateful for our Aunt Carolyn for making it possible for me to no miss Ava's field trip!

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