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Friday, July 1, 2016

Drew Bennett Hays - My Boy

Dearest Drew -

Today you turn one year old.  It's pretty cliche to talk about how fast the year has gone and how I can't believe how much you have grown and changed...all of which is true.  But one thing I had not expected was just how much of a change you have made to our family and how you have helped us grow together even more.

Drew, you were the child I prayed for.  I begged God to bless our family with another child and He blessed us above and beyond my prayers.  With your sisters, God blessed Daddy and I before we thought we were ready.  God had a plan for us with your sisters and we discovered very quickly how wonderful God's plans were.  But after five years, we decided we wanted another child and soon discovered that wanting is quite different than receiving.  We went through our share of trials.  Looking back, I now can see that God does use those trials for his own good.  He opened my eyes to the hurt of other mothers.  He used that experience to make me a better sister, daughter, cousin, aunt, and mother.  And then God gave us you.

In the last year, you have taught me to simply relax and enjoy life.  We snuggle, a lot.  I rock you to sleep, a lot.  We laugh, smile and have absolutely no schedule.  We have gotten to watch your sisters love on you.  Some of your first words were their names and it makes me smile every time.  You are the biggest Momma's boy and I'm not gonna lie...I love it.

You definitely do things on your own timing.  The doctor said you are a relaxed learner b/c you are the third child and your older sisters do everything for you.  Your daddy and I say you are a smart little boy.  Why crawl across the room to get that toy when someone will bring it to you?  Why exert the effort to roll over if you can grunt or holler loud enough someone will come rescue you?  Why try to pick up that cheerio to feed yourself if someone will put it in your mouth for you?  Yep, being the third child has it's perks.  But you have decided that you guess it might be easier to go get the toy yourself, otherwise sister will try to pick you up and you may not want that - but you won't crawl, that's to be expected, you instead scoot on your bottom.  You've discovered feeding yourself has it's perks too, especially if it means a snack in the car on the way to the ball field.  And rolling over, you'll do it if you absolutely have to...but honestly you still prefer to voice your displeasure at having to exert yourself too much!  You do things your way and in your time.

It is so much fun to watch you with your daddy.  You maybe a Momma's boy but you and your daddy have a special bond.  He is so proud of you.  If I could just somehow record the moment you two see each other every morning.  Both of your faces light up and your whole little demeanor changes.  You love your daddy and he loves you, a love that will grow more with each year.  What a blessing it is to watch a daddy and his son!

Your two sisters were so excited the day you were born.  They were so very proud of you and still are.  They love to show you off to all their friends.  They love to carry you around, smother you with kisses and make you laugh.  There is no greater joy than a momma to watch her children love each other.  Your sisters love you so much and you love them with nice wet kisses and the occasional slap to the face when you've had enough!  :)  They are destined to receive their first black eye by your hand if they don't learn how to give you space when you've had enough lovin'!

You are so blessed to have two sets of grandparents.  They are all so proud of you and I am not sure you will ever really know how lucky you are to have them all.  They surround you with love, prayer and comfort.  Let me tell you that there is just something about a little boy and his grandpa.  You maybe a Momma's boy but if ever there was someone who could bring a smile to your face it'd be your Pa.  That infectious laugh is never far from the surface when Pa is around!  :)

Before I end, I wanted to take a minute to tell you about your name.  Your daddy and I had your name picked out over 5 years ago.  Both your sisters are named after their grandparents/great-grandparents.  There is something special about heritage.  Your name is a little different.  You see, your daddy had a little boy's  name picked out before we were every married.  He always wanted to name a boy Jake or Drew.  So when it came to picking out a name, those were the two choices he gave me.  I choose Drew.  One, because we already have a Jake in the family but two - in some ways Drew is a family name since your Uncle Andy's name is Andrew.  But really, your first name came from your daddy's dream of having a little boy of his own one day.

Your middle name was my choice.  I wanted your middle name to be a part of your family history and there is one very special lady that I hope you know one day.  You won't know her by meeting her in person but you will know her b/c she is spoken of quite often in our house.  Your sisters have lots of memories to share as do I and Grammy and Pa.  I chose the name Bennett, because it was the maiden name of your Great-Grandma.  Ruby Lucille (Bennett) King was a very influential lady in my life.  She was one of my very best friends and I loved her so dearly.  She would have been so proud to have known you, held you and loved on you.  You are as much one of a Grandma's Darlin' as the rest of us.  I named you Bennett because it is a name with so much meaning to me and I pray that you carry it proudly and that you know what an amazing Godly woman your Great-Grandma was and that you too will grow to be a great Godly man one day.

Happy Birthday to my little man.  I am so proud to call you mine and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you.

With much love,


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