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Monday, July 11, 2016

Drew's First Trip to Amarillo: Part 1

Drew made his first trip to Amarillo last week.  We opted to fly again and this was Drew's first flight as well.  Everything went great.  We did not have a full flight and were able to take up two rows and have no one around us.  Drew did not fuss at all and thought that the shutters for the windows were just grand! 

We got to Amarillo just after lunch.  Naggy and Pappy work really hard to make traveling to see them easier.  They had gathered up car seats for all the kids and hauled us around in two cars all week.!  We are so thankful for their efforts!  We went to our most favorite restaurant for a late lunch - Rosa's.  Drew was properly appreciative of it's awesomeness!

The girls wasted no time settling in and it wasn't long before we were at Mrs. Jeri's cooling off in her awesome pool!

Drew was not nearly as excited about swimming as the girls and "Jack Jack" made a brief re-appearance!

It took a lot of loving and reassurance but as long as his face did not get wet, Drew decided the pool was okay.  He may have held on really tight to Momma the whole time too!  :)

Our second day in Amarillo started off with the traditional yummy breakfast of Naggy's cinnamon rolls!  Drew was a fan!  :)

Then it was off to go see Grandpa Herb.  This was Drew's first time to meet his Great-grandpa.  He was actually pretty social.  Grandpa was pretty impressed with how "big" Drew was.  :)  We had a good visit and enjoyed getting to see Grandpa for a bit.

After lunch at another favorite, Buns of Texas and a bit of shopping for Drew a new church bag, we had a little birthday celebration for Drew at a cute cupcake place.  It was yummy!

It was long past nap time for Drew and the girls wanted to go swimming again.  So the boys all took naps and the girls went to the pool! 

While Naggy was putting together dinner, Keith and the girls with the help of Drew got out his old legos to work on building a ship.  I think Drew thought the main objective was to take apart every lego that was put together!

Then it was time for some more fun at the park just down the road from Naggy and Pappy's.  Drew was a bigger fan of the park than he was of the swimming pool!  :)

Our first couple of days in Amarillo were great! 

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