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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Drew's Birthday Celebration

We didn't do a big one year party for Drew.  It took three kids but I realized really quick that a one year old really doesn't care about parties and hoopla.  A one year old is pretty content to hang out with all the ppl who love him so dearly and eat ice cream!

It works really well in our favor that Drew's bday is so close to the Fourth of July.  We headed out to the lake to meet up with Grammy, Pa, Uncles, Aunts, cousins and even some Great Aunts and Uncles.  Drew had lots of fun watching all the big kids play in the water!

He attempted a little water playing too but was more interested in the mud than the water!  Must be a boy thing!  Ha!

Apparently watching big kids play was pretty exhausting, so Drew took a nap in Daddy's lap while listening to the sounds of the lake and enjoying the nice breeze.

They even filled up some water balloons and had an awesome water balloon fight.  It was very entertaining to watch the "older" (adults) children watching and reacting to the younger children!  Eventually the kids decided to wait for Uncle Tone to show up with the jet ski out on the dock, with some water balloons.  They hid water balloons behind their backs and waited so patiently!  Turns out, Uncle Tone wasn't the one who drove the jet ski over from the main dock and he ended up surprising them with a water gun!

After some yummy burgers and ice cream, Drew opened a few presents.

He got a rocking horse from Grammy and Pa!

Cousin Weston gave Drew a cool toy with lots of balls and a new outside blanket.  Aunt Betty gave him a steering wheel that he is enjoying playing with at the table while I cook.  Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Genell all gave him some sweet cards and money.  Eady passed down a lot of awesome toys for him to play with.  She did such a good job handing down her beloved toys!

We had a great time spending time with all our family and celebrating our little man.  God continually blesses us and for all our blessings we are thankful!

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