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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Only Child - Not so Fun

I thought Drew would really enjoy being an only child.  It turns out he was not a big fan.  He screamed half way home from the airport.  Either he used all his good behavior on the plane, he was extremely tired or bored b/c the sisters weren't in the back seat to keep him entertained. 

Monday morning Grammy had her knee replacement surgery, so Drew and I headed up to the hospital to spend some time with her.  He was not about to go see ANYONE and clung to me like a magnet.  I chalked it up to fatigue and out of his element.  We went and had lunch with Daddy while Grammy took a nap.

Meanwhile Grammy did really great with her surgery and they had her up walking that afternoon.

Tuesday, Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Johnny spent the morning with Grammy.  I had hoped that being at home a bit with calm Drew down and hopefully he'd get in a good nap.  But not so much.  He was pretty mad about the car situation still too.  So we threw our hands in the air and went to spend the afternoon with Grammy. 

Keith came by after work to pick him up.  Wouldn't you know, he slept for Keith in the truck and after they got home.  :/

I picked up pizza for dinner on the way home and it turns out Carli's new bat was waiting for us all.  Drew opened it up for her and sent her this picture.  :)

Grammy got to come home on Wednesday.  Drew and I spent the day at home too.  We almost did not go to church b/c he was so amazingly cranky but sucked it up.  He surprised us all by going to class with no tears.  He even hammed it up for a picture to send to sisters at dinner! 

But we had a long night and he definitely was not himself.  We went to spend the day with Grammy on Thursday.  I had hoped to do somethings for her but Drew was having none of that.  So I held him and just visited with Grammy and Pa.  Having a clingy baby has it's perks!  ;)

Friday Kayla came to watch Drew so I could get some work done.  He did pretty good for her and was pretty happy when Naggy and Pappy showed up with his sisters that afternoon.  I finally decided he had a mixture of teething, separation anxiety and maybe a little allergies thrown in there too.  None the less, it was determined that Drew was not a fan of his sisters being gone and has become a non-fan of the carseat once more! 

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