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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Drew's First Trip to Amarillo - Part 2

The second half of our trip to Amarillo was spent catching up with friends and family.  Friday morning we met my good friend Stephanie and her three little boys at an indoor playplace at one of the local churches.  Go figure, I didn't take hardly any pictures but that just means we were too busy enjoying a good conversation to worry with such!

The kids literally played all morning!  We went back to Naggy and Pappy's for lunch and a little relaxing.  Ava showed off her reading skills and then it was time to swim again, Drew and I opted for a good nap this time around!

Friday night, Keith and I ventured out on a date to Saltgrass.  This is the restaurant we ate at on the night of our wedding.  While we were enjoying a night out with no kids, Naggy and Pappy were having a movie/pizza night with the kids!

Saturday morning we were up and ready for more company!  Aunt Megan and Uncle Kevin were coming!  The kids were pretty pumped to get to see them!

We had a late lunch b/c Aunt Sarah, Uncle Robert, Brian, McKenzie and Reed were coming through town on their way home from vacation.  It was perfect timing for a pit stop for them and to get to catch up before they all had to hit the road again. 

Reed is about 5 months older than Drew.  He and Drew are about the exact opposites when it comes to size and mobility!  Ha!  Sweet boys!

After our visit and extended family getting back on the road, the girls, Megan and I enjoyed an awesome pedicure together.  Naggy and Pappy had a wedding to go to so Naggy begged off so she could get ready.  The boys took a few generational pictures.  Drew was pretty excited about that!  :)

Then it was nap time for Drew.  Turns out Uncles are as awesome to sleep on as Pappys are!  :)

Naggy and Pappy went to a wedding Saturday night.  We enjoyed a dinner out with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan.  Church on Sunday and a good nap before Keith, Drew and I headed home and left the girls to spend some more time with Naggy and Pappy.

Drew had a grand time on the plane.  It was a bit fuller this time around but that just kept him entertained flirting with all the ladies and playing peek a boo over the seat the with family behind us.  :) 

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