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Saturday, July 25, 2009

We Almost Made It

It was a day of greats in the Hays' household.

We started off the day with a great sleeping-in party until 8 am...a rare feat these days. I do admit that we cheated and brought Carli to our room when she woke up at 6:30 for her to cuddle with us. But 8 am is 8 am...it was great!

Then it was time to enjoy a great breakfast of pancakes. We overcame the shortage of milk and syrup on top of having no sausage...we had Dr. Pepper - so really all was well! On top of that, Carli ate some breakfast and kept it down...so it was a great breakfast!

We had a list to accomplish today so we set about doing it. First on the list was to mow the backyard (we had already finished the front yard the night before). But the lawn mower wanted nothing to do with that. He refused to start. So we load the little stinker up and took him to the lawn mower ER. He needed his blades sharpened anyway. In Keith's world, this was a great thing b/c he didn't have to mow today!

We kicked off our first weekend at home in forever with a some cleaning. Our poor house has been horribly neglected the last few weeks. We cleaned our bathroom, our bedroom, Carli's bedroom and the guest room. And when I say clean, I'm not kidding. We shampooed carpets, dusted ceiling fans, cleaned showers...we really did clean. I would call it a semi deep cleaning...and you know why it was great? Because my house smells clean and loved...and that's great! :)

About 3:30 this afternoon our energy was hitting a wall, so we loaded up Carli who had refused to take a nap but on a bright note had eaten some lunch and off we headed to Sonic. Do I really need to explain this great moment?! :)

We came home, we cleaned a little more, Carli finished her nap, we played and we cooked dinner...

Carli didn't want dinner, but was in a good mood and had a "dirty diaper" and while the greatness of this feat may be lost on some, we saw it as progress as perhaps this bug she had was finally moving on. Keith said, "Well, if there was a bug in her little tummy, I guarantee it didn't survive that trip!" ha!

Carli did nurse okay and she was in a good mood playing. I was talking to my Mom, Keith was laying on the floor and suddenly we hear a faint cough. And here the moment of greatness really does supersede itself...I pick up Carli and we make it to the kitchen sink (which miraculously has no dishes in it) and she gets sick...in the sink...on the side with the disposal! Really, in a Mom's world...despite the fact that my child got sick...that was greatness...

So - Carli did make it all day without getting sick. She did really well. She had fun and was in an awesome mood - only tonite it just wasn't too be. She only took 1.5 cups of juice today...and then vomited all her lunch and dinner...so we are watching her close to make sure she doesn't dehydrate. Needless to say - we won't make church tomorrow. She will probably feel okay - but we just don't know if she is contagious and we don't want to expose all the other babies there to her crud.

So our day of greatness came to a brick wall about 7:30...hopefully tomorrow things will look up!

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