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Friday, July 24, 2009

Who Cried Wolf?!

Well, we headed off to the doctor for our very first "sick" visit this morning. Carli was grumpy, feverish and rather mad at me for making her get into the car. She had been quite content to lay in her crib in her diaper and cuddle with Froggy. Anyway, off we went to the doctor picking up Keith on the way. He commented that she still felt warm and looked miserable. We get to the doctor, we wait about 15 minutes, in which time a miracle takes place. Carli slowly begins to come out of her "misery" and starts playing. She laughs, she talks, she insists on walking all over the place. Keith says, well, at least she is still warm - and our name gets called.

They weighed her in - she was 16 lbs 9 oz - she had lost almost a pound since we had been there last month. And that was being weighed with her diaper and clothes on. Off we went to the little examining room...and this is what Carli did while she anxiously awaited to see her doctor:

Then to top that off, she decided that perhaps she should eat something. And not only was she determined to eat, she would feed herself! She did this on Wednesday but had not done it since, nor had she eaten anything really since...go figure. Is it the child's creed to make the parents look like they've made it all up?!

So the doc determines it is a tummy bug and to not worry with feeding her solids until she wants them. That as long as she nurses and will drink her juice/water she is okay. She told us we had a fun wkd in store b/c diarrhea usually follows with these bugs...wonderful! Carli smiled for her and thought her stethoscope was pretty awesome.

Carli and I came home, where she decided that her act was over and she would be a miserable baby again. It took me an hour and a half to get her to pretend to sleep for 45 minutes...exhausting. Then she clang to Keith or I all evening. I opted to mow the yard tonite and Keith did the bedtime duties...it took awhile for her to go to sleep.

But not to depart on a negative note - Carli is experimenting with new grins...this is our favorite so far:

How can you not smile at that?! Have a great wkd!

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