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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun Filled Wkd

Saturday morning came bright and early, which worked to our advantage for once. We loaded up the girls, and all the gear they require and hit the road by 8:30 headed to the metroplex. We were going to end up the Smith Family get together, but made a stop to see Uncle Kevin in Fort Worth first. Uncle Kevin was super excited to have the girls come visit and Carli talked about going to see "Unc" Kevin all the way there.

Hitting the Road!
Ava was even bright-eyed and ready to go!

Carli stayed awake the whole drive, and at some point dropped her sun glasses. She did find Ms. Potato Head's glasses and hat and thought they did a pretty good job of blocking the sun!

Carli had fun visiting at Uncle Kevin's and I forgot to take pictures! Argh! I was busy trying to keep Ava happy and convincing Carli to go swimming!!

We headed out for the get together around noon and that is where we spent the rest of the afternoon (more on that tomorrow). After we were all visited out, it was time to hit the road again, but thankfully Grammy thought ahead and we headed only 10 minutes down the road to our hotel! Woohoo, no more driving for the day! We all got settled in and headed out to dinner at Cracker Barrel...

Carli loved these things! She actually used the tees as a fork to eat her corn later on...

They entertained Logan too!

We sure do love our Grammy!!

These two are a mess! Sitting outside at Cracker Barrel, cheesin'

Pa and Grammy with the grandkids

Carli and Ava in their matching outfits -
I forgot to try to get a good one of them together...forgetting seems to happen a lot lately.

Logan with Ava - they look so much alike! And I just love Logan's grin!

What was kind of neat was that Sunday morning we went to church out at Aledo where my parents got married and my grandparents had attended church while we were growing up. We had not been there in a long long time. We sit in the back, and would see ppl we recognized from visiting when we were kids. There was the couple that always sit behind my grandparents and he always gave us candy after service and there was the "crazy, happy" lady that always talked a lot and had a huge smile on her face...Mom and Dad recognized lots more ppl than I did but it was a bittersweet trip to go back and remember. The only part missing was sitting next to Grandmother and Grandfather listening to them sing. :) Good times.

After an amazing lunch at Babes...we headed home and back to reality! At least Logan is spending the week with Grammy and Pa, so Carli is looking forward to going to Alto this week and playing with him!!

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