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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A HUGE Thank you!

Our family is so very blessed by all the wonderful people in our lives. I strive hard to make sure that they know we do not take them nor their love and kindness for granted. I hope that I can impart to my girls how blessed they are, and how much they should be thankful for those around them.

A couple of weeks ago, and even last week, have been a bit tough. We bought a new office for TeraGanix and with a new office came new furniture, moving, etc. Some of our guys came in from out of state and for three days I was in Alto with them working and really could not take the girls. So, we recruited Aunt Betty, Aunt Carolyn, Grandma and Sassy (AKA Cari) to help us out. We are so very thankful for each and everyone of them, especially since Ava was refusing a bottle! Their patience and sacrifice of a whole day to devote to the care of our girls is much appreciated.

Carli and I wanted to make them a thank you gift. We could of easily have bought them something but I thought getting Carli involved with making a gift as well as giving them something homemade might mean a bit more...so off Carli and I went on our adventure...

For Christmas my Mom gave me a cool book called: Dining on a Dime. I've really liked it and am trying all sorts of new things from it. There is a section on homemade gifts and we picked the Pampered Princess to model our gifts after. We made Lavender Bath Seeds, Almond Lotion and Honey Lip Balm and bundled them together with a nice fluffy towel and wash cloth. We had lots of fun making them and hope that Aunt Carolyn, Aunt Betty and Sassy all know how much we truly appreciate them all!

We wanted to make sure we said thanks to our Grandma and Grammy too! Grandma helps us on a weekly basis. She isn't much for getting "stuff" so we try to tell her as often as we can that we love her so much and really appreciate what she does for us. Grammy actually took off work this Friday afternoon so she could watch the girls while Pa and I did interviews for a new employee in our new office. From all accounts, they all had so much fun and Ava even drank all her milk from her honey bear...more on that in a later post! So, Grammy - thanks so very much for using one of your vacation days on us! The girls had a blast and Carli was so happy to finally get to spend some time with her Grammy!

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