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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Fruity Snowman!

I am pretty sure my daughter has seen as much snow in her short 2 years of life than I did by the time I was 20! (That may not be true since we did live in Pennsylvania when I was little, but I don't remember it.) We woke up Friday morning to a beautiful sight! Carli looked out the window and said, "Look Momma! It is snowing!" Really, should snowing really be in my 2 year old Texan baby's vocabulary? This weather is crazy!

Daddy was not interested in going outside and since poor baby Ava really doesn't have appropriate clothing for such crazy weather, it was just Carli and I! Carli still has on her pj's under a layer of swish pants, fur lined boots, a hoodie, jacket and two layers of mittens!

Unlike last time, Carli didn't hesitate to head on out and start digging around!
She even put a little snow in her mouth, and quickly tried to wipe it off her tongue but only succeeded in getting more on it! She declared, "Momma, that's not good like my cookie!"

She thought is was completely necessary to "clean" off her slide...she worked on it the majority of the time we were outside.

While Carli "cleaned," Momma worked on a "snowman" per Carli's request. The snow didn't roll very well, so it wasn't very easy to do! :) Granted, Momma did not have lots of experience in snowman making!

Carli came over to say "Hi!"

She fell in love! :)
(Perhaps it could have been his blueberry eyes or fruit loop mouth, two of Carli's favorites!)

I asked if she would sit by the snowman, and she quickly replied, "No Momma, I would get wet!" Duh!

We had lots of fun and all our layering paid off b/c we were quite toasty out in the snow! :) It was fun, but I still think we prefer our hot summer months!

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1 comment:

SuAnne said...

Loved this! That is so true about Carli knowing so much about snow at such a young age. The only snow that my kids saw before moving to Oklahoma happened in 1985 when Amanda was 3 and Nathan was 1, so they don't remember that. Glad you guys had a good time, even though that dry snow wasn't much for making snowmen.