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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from Two Sweet Girls!

We try to be creative in this house...but bless these two little girls hearts, this Momma is just short on time it seems! We had big plans for our Valentines Cards this year - but I forgot to get the pictures printed and to go to Hobby Lobby and time didn't stand still for us! So we made due with what we had at home and this was the result!

Carli had a blast coloring the hearts - Ava had a blast playing in the paper scraps - Momma kept her sanity the whole time! And Daddy - bless him - cut out lots and lots of hearts!

I did splurge and go have them laminated b/c the tape wasn't holding it all together and Carli thinks everything is a sticker these days - so in order for the Valentine to make it in one piece to it's recipient...we laminated!

Carli did a really good job of handing out her Valentines with the chocolate kisses...

She was so very excited to give Sassy hers! And Sassy gave Carli a "baby monkey" - another story for another post - and a Valentine cookie! Ava got a cute little caterpillar - we have a slight caterpillar obsession in our house...

I am so very proud of this picture! I didn't embarrass Sassy b/c she was all dolled up! :) And everyone is smiling!! Ignore the fact that the girls are looking down at the cookie I am bribing them with! ha!

We made 16 total Valentines and we had to mail 4 of them...we hope they made it in time! The other 12 we delivered. We even made a special trip to visit Riley and Kenzie on Friday since we were going to be out of town on Monday. Carli walked right into the house, gave Riley his Valentine and told me to go to work! Gave me a kiss and off she went to play! She obviously has missed seeing her little buddy! Bless Sarah, she told me to go have lunch with Keith and Carli could stay and play. They had a great time!

Momma and Daddy's Valentine plans? I can guarantee they are better then they were three years ago! But alas, Keith is in Dallas for work and Momma is home with two sweet little girls and one awesome Naggy!

Happy Valentines Day!

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