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Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentine's Wkd in Fort Worth

BEWARE: Lots and lots of pictures to follow...

Valentines weekend we drove up to Fort Worth to meet up with Naggy, Pappy, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan. The plan was to have a good visit and bring Naggy home with us for the week. Carli was so excited to go see Uncle Kevin. We had talked about going all week and every time we got in the car she wanted to know if we were going to see Uncle Kevin now! :)

We were a little apprehensive that her enthusiasm would diminish when we got to Uncle Kevin's since she is notorious for being bashful at the most inconvenient times - but she didn't skip a beat! She ran right up to Uncle Kevin and talked a blue streak all weekend!

We barely made it in the door before Valentine's day gifts and gifts from family members in Amarillo were handed out...

One of Carli's most favorite things to do now is to color - and to break crayons!

Uncle Kevin was a good sport and took a nap with Minnie Mouse as instructed by Carli.

Since we drove up in Daddy's truck and we knew Uncle Kevin had a good walking trail, we decided to bring our wagon. Ava loved every minute of it!

Carli played and played and played...and when she finally wore herself out, Naggy took the opportunity and napped too!

It was this weekend that Ava decided that the act of getting on her hands and knees might not be such a bad idea! We still only push ourselves backwards, but we are making progress.

Aunt Megan and Carli cooked up some awesome Vday cookies and decorated them too!

A pretty awesome picture!

Have we mentioned that Carli MUST have her sunglasses on if we even think about going outside?

My smiling Baby Ava

When it was time to go home, Carli and Henry had to have a sweet little good bye talk.

It was a great weekend for all!

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