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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amarillo - Day Two

Our second full day in Amarillo began well. We got up and headed to church! I was sure that Ava would be fine during Bible Class since her teacher was Naggy and Ms. Robin. I wasn't so sure how Carli would do b/c she usually gets very clingy in new situations. They handled her really well and instead of the teachers coming over to try to pry Carli off my leg, they sent over a couple of older (4-5 year olds) to ask Carli to come play. They were persistent and Carli finally gave into peer pressure and I snuck out!

By all accounts by girls did really well in Sunday School. Service was a whole other issue. Carli did fine. She is to that stage now where you can give her a box of crayons and a coloring book and she's quiet, and still! Ava not so much. I finally took her out to change her diaper and I walked the back of the church building until she finally gave up the ghost and went to sleep, during the invitation song. Sweet baby...ha!

We had a nice surprise when Uncle Barry and Aunt Carolyn met us at church and came to lunch with us. Ava slept through most of lunch but Carli and Aunt Carolyn had a grand time playing games on her phone.

Being the sweet, innocent children that they were, my children did not beg for money from both Naggy and Aunt Carolyn in order to ride the little rides outside of the restaurant and they absolutely did not do this multiple times until all the quarters where used. And their Mother did not finally step in and tell the girls that was enough when Uncle Barry and Pappy came out of the restaurant and they begged for more money to ride more rides. Nope, that did not happen!

Don't you just LOVE the girls dresses? Grammy made them and put the final touches on them just before we left for Amarillo. I have yet to get a good picture with the girls together and I so badly wanted to get one with the girls dressed in their new gear. We tried enticing the girls to water Naggy's plants in order to get them in the same vicinity of one another!

That didn't hold Ava's attention very long - but we got some cute pictures of Carli!

And every once in a while I sneak in on a picture just so everyone knows that I do exist! :)

In constant motion - that pretty much sums up Carli and Ava!

Carli LOVES to give Ava kisses and hugs - Ava LOVES her space! ha!

One of the highlights of the day for Carli was getting to take a ride in Pappy's jeep! Ava wanted to go too, but Momma convinced her to stay at the house. Quite honestly, I'm not sure this didn't happen on a different day, but it did happen and Carli LOVED it! :)

I LOVE this picture! :)

This is pretty much how Carli looked during the entire ride!

Keith and I also got to go visit with some good friends Zane and Shawna Oliver. We got to meet sweet Baby Seton for the first time. Zane and Shawna are an amazing couple and I love just watching Shawna talk about her sweet little boy. Her face just lights up with pure joy and pride! If you have a minute, go check out their blog: Life with the Olivers. They have overcome so much in the last six months and you will be inspired, touched and amazed!

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