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Saturday, July 16, 2011


This week the Hays' family stepped out of their comfort zones and dove head first into experiencing VBS. Carli was not quite old enough for the 3 year old criteria, so we sweet talked Ms. Marla into letting Carli and her friend Allie come if Keith and I would help out in their group.

Shiloh Road tried a new concept this year and instead of dividing the kids out into different age groups, they combined all the age groups into 12 Tribes. Each group had a range in ages from 5th grade down to 3 years old. Our little group had nine kids in it and 3 were under three. It took four adults to manage them all! :)

Every night we came home exhausted, but it was a good kind of exhausted. Carli had a wonderful time and her little friend Allie did too. We were glad to participate and experience VBS this year!

Carli at the "Synagogue" painting her little money box.

Carli at the petting zoo with our good friend Tiffany. Tiffany was an amazing help on the last night of VBS since our main "Leader" couldn't be there. I am not a teacher by nature so I was bit stressed about being in charge. Tiffany took over and did an amazing job! I went back to my post of herding our little tribe!

Carli tried to feed the catfish grass. She was quite pleased with herself!

I LOVE this picture! Allie was not so sure about things every night when her Momma dropped her off. It took her about 30 minutes to warm up and then she really enjoyed herself. I tried to take a picture on my phone every night and send it to her Momma so she would know all was well. This picture was right after Allie finished making her bracelet.

Two little friends working together.

Our two smallest little Tribe members standing on the pew so they could see. We may have an interesting time come Sunday morning and they get in trouble for standing on the pews!

The whole tribe - we had an average of 8 girls and one little boy every night.

The Food Market gave the kids snacks every night and they consisted of items that Jesus would have eaten as a kid. Carli would point to stuff and tell me that was gross. My favorite part was when a little girl asked if Jesus really ate this stuff (pointing to lentils) and when told yes, she replied, "Couldn't he have preformed a miracle and make it taste better?"

Our friend Avery came by one night to visit the market with our group. The three girls worked hard on coloring their bookmarks that are being sent to kids in Peru.

Allie actually took this picture of Carli at "Mary's House." Maybe I need to hire Allie to take more pictures of Carli for me!

A HUGE thanks to Grammy for coming on Monday night and watching Ava at home so she could go to bed at a decent time. Ava loved her one on one time with Grammy! And we must say thanks to Ms. Patty and Kayla for watching Ava the other three nights in the nursery. VBS was quite the experience...I am glad we participated...but I was happy to stay home on Thursday night and put the girls to bed by 8! :)

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