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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amarillo Trip - Day One

We headed out to Amarillo last Friday night, actually I guess it was two Friday's ago - where did the time go?! This was Ava's second plane ride, Carli acted like it was old hat. We are very fortunate to have Uncle Danny help us drive out to the airport and keep our car at his house so we didn't have to pay parking. Makes getting into the airport a breeze!

We flew Southwest and thankfully we were not delayed and got to Amarillo on time - which was 10:30 pm! :)

Carli colored the whole way...it was serious stuff!

Ava slept the whole way - the benedryl helped! Neither complained about their ears so we were very relieved.

The girls did really well sleeping that night. They had their own room across the hall from Keith and I. Naggy and Pappy were so excited to see them, I mean us! :) But it was so late, there was no time for play. We had to get to bed so we could make a very important breakfast date in the morning...

Donut Stop! Donut Stop is a must go whenever we go to Amarillo. Keith LOVES it and if you ever talk to anybody from Amarillo odds are they love the Donut Stop. The big ticket item is a Cherry Donut. I say it is okay - Keith says it is heaven on earth! ha!

We meet some family for breakfast and the kids had a blast!

Carli and her second cousin Alexis. Alexis is three, she and Carli became fast friends!

Carli taking a HUGE bite from her Cherry, I mean Strawberry, Donut. Carli insisted that hers was a strawberry donut.

Not to be left out of tradition, Ava took her first bite of Cherry Donut - she prefers cake donuts. :)

Four generations - Grandpa Herb, Keith with Ava and Pappy with Carli.

After breakfast, we let Ava have a morning nap and Carli ate up her alone time with Naggy and Pappy. Once Ava woke up, it was off to the swimming pool!

A very rare feat, got all three of them smiling!!

A huge thanks to Mrs. Jeri for letting us crash her pool and home for a couple hours. We all had a blast!

Afternoon naps were a must for all. After dinner, we headed out to the mall to Build a Bear - only it wasn't Build a Bear, but something similar. Ava really got into the whole stuffing process... Carli built a pink princess pig. She insisted it all be pink...yes, go ahead and laugh. My daughter loves pink. It was inevitable.

Ava "built" a Monkey, which she found absolutely hilarious when Naggy made it talk to her on the way home! Our first full day in Amarillo was an absolute blast! The girls slept like little worn out angels all night and I'm pretty sure all the "big" kids did too!

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