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Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Magic Bean Stalk

We got home from Amarillo to find that the two beans that Carli had planted at VBS had sprouted. One was in full sprout when we got home and the other started breaking ground this morning. They were in a small little plastic drinking cup which was really neat because Carli could see the roots and we had a nice little chat about how roots work. Carli was exciting because she remembered planting them at VBS. So in an effort to not kill our new little plant, we made a trip to the store to get some real planters so we could give them some room to grow.

Carli had a blast painting her planter. She really has taken to painting and coloring these days. She worked for a good 30 minutes on her pot...

Ava is 14 months old - don't expect much. I was asking for a disaster with Ava in the room and an open bottle of paint. Thankfully we just got paint on Ava, Carli, myself and the table. No paint got on the dogs, the carpet, or the pot. Ava thought she wanted to paint but then mistook the paintbrush for a spoon and I quickly put an end to that...

Ava is a determined little girl and when she wants to do something it is very difficult to dissuade her from doing it. But alas the good Lord blessed me today and the screaming lasted only a couple of minutes before her new game of trying to balance the paint bottles in a spoon grabbed her attention for a while.

And then a game of "can Ava really fit into this tiny little space without making sister mad" began...it lasted long enough for a picture before both girls had a melt down...

Carli was a very intent little painter - but she likes to have company when she paints. So I had to paint a lot too but that was okay considering Ava couldn't necessarily paint her own pot!

Finally the pots were done and it was nap time - I was a happy camper! After nap time and Daddy getting home, it was time for the big transplant...

Carli did an amazing job of filling the pots and watering the dirt. My soil has got to be about 4 years old, so it was a bit dry!

We put the "baby" bean in Ava's pot and the larger one in Carli's.

Thankfully our new pots drain so Carli can't drown them!

With three dogs and the Texas heat, we didn't risk leaving our new little friends outside. Instead they have a new home on the kitchen table and at every meal we have the opportunity to talk about how much they have grown and that God has helped them grow, etc. Hopefully we can keep them alive for awhile!

And yes, I a still sorting pictures from Amarillo - three different cameras and tons of pictures - it is looking like three different post!

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