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Monday, April 13, 2015

Carli's Week of First

Our week started out pretty normal with sending Carli and Keith off to school and work on Monday morning, followed by guitar lessons and dinner at home.  Ava and I spent our day doing laundry, cooking and squeezing in work when Ava would let me.  Keith has been handling bath duty for awhile now since Drew makes it kind of rough for me to bend over the tub these days.  He came and got me Monday night b/c he said Carli could not go potty.  After talking to Carli about her day, etc I learned she felt like she needed to potty she just couldn't.  We feared a UTI infection after talking to the Grandma's and several friends.  So first thing Tuesday morning I called the doctor and off we went!

Carli never ran fever and the first test the doc did showed no infection.  They told us to increase her water in-take (we already had her drinking at least 20 oz a day!).  I called the school and they had no problem with me sending a bottle of water each morning for Carli to drink before lunch.  Problem solved and off Carli and I went to get ice cream before picking Ava up from school.

Tuesday night about midnight, Carli showed up in our room complaining that her ear hurt.  I gave her water and sent her back to bed.  An hour later, she came back.  So I got up and found the Tylenol and ear numbing drops and put her to bed.  She came back and hour later and after putting more drops in her ear and giving her Ibuprofen at 3 am, I nudged Keith out of the bed at 4 am to take over.  When I got up at 6:30 both Keith and Carli were on the couch with the barf bucket.  Carli looked very pitiful.  Carli's ear hurt so badly she was nauseous and she started running a fever. 
Thankfully, Keith was able to play Dr. Dad for the day.  We got her in to see the doctor at 11 that morning.  I took Ava with me to Alto so I could work at least one day this week.  Keith called and said Carli had a raging ear infection in both ears.  I had asked that they check her for strep just in case but since the meds they were giving her for the ear infections would take care of strep they did not subject her to that test.  Dr. Dad got to experience a sick kid throwing up in his truck on the way home and handled it all pretty good! 
Carli still was not 100% on Thursday.  Ava had a play date Thursday after school so I took Carli up to the school to pick up her missed school work and we went down to Alto so I could get a couple of things taken care of before we picked up Ava.  Thankfully Grammy used her awesome teacher skills and she and Carli knocked out most of her school work that morning.  We had opted not to take Carli to swimming but God intervened and sent a nice storm so lessons were canceled anyway.  The girls had a great time with their friends instead and we barely beat Keith home from work!  When we got home there was a message from the pediatrician that Carli did in fact have a UTI infection but the antibiotics she was on for her ear infection would take care of it.
Friday was Carli's first field trip with her kindergarten class.  She was pretty pumped to ride the bus and go to the zoo.  Ava and I met the class at the zoo.  About halfway through the morning Carli obviously had lost the light in her eyes and I could tell she did not feel well.  After lunch, I opted to take her home instead of toughing it out.  She was done. 

I am not 100% sure that Carli didn't have strep along with her ear infection since it took her through the weekend to start getting back to her normal sassy self!  One thing is for sure, when my kids get sick, they get sick and get it all over with at once!  :)

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