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Monday, April 27, 2015

Opening Day 2015

On Saturday we experienced our first opening day as parents.  :)  Saturday morning the girls woke up eager to get to the fields, Keith and I were pleased until we realized that they were more excited about the bouncy houses than the game they were going to play in!

The girls are playing t-ball for the first time this year.  They are on the Diamond Divas and are doing really well!  Ava looks forward to practice each week and Carli is all about the social aspect of being on a ball team! 

Saydee, Shiloh, Ava and Carli - the sisters
First thing Saturday morning, we did opening ceremonies.  Our team stood right in a mud puddle, and it didn't seem to bother any of the girls!

Our history with taking group pictures and then individual pictures has not been that great!  We were much relieved when the "good" peer pressure had the girls smiling and we are pretty sure we got some decent shots!

Keith did not sign up to coach but since he had been at every practice and has helped a lot - he kind of got grandfathered into the roll!  :)  Here is the whole Diamond Diva team with all their coaches.

We played a "non" league game against a team in Whitehouse.  This team has already played over four or five games and for many of our girls this was the first time on an actual field.  I would say all that considered, our little team did really well.

Carli played pitcher and Ava played second for two of the three innings each. 

I was really nervous for the girls to bat.  Carli was so concerned that everyone was there to watch her and she didn't want any of that.  But both girls didn't hesitate to go up to the batters box and swing away!  Carli hit a good one at her first at bat...but she kind of admired it a bit too long and forgot to run!  At her second at bat she knocked it good again and made it to first and eventually all the way home.

Ava hit and carried her bat all the way to first with her!  I think they tagged her out but by that point the other team was letting us bat through the line up and Ava got to run all the bases and "scored."

All in all, our first opening ceremonies and game turned out to be a great day.  Given the inexperience of our little team, I was pleased that no one cried and they all tried their best!  Ah, love it!

After the game, Keith let the girls go over to the bouncy houses and jump.  But they only got to do that once before he realized they were collecting money to let the kids jump, so we bribed them with medium drinks at Sonic and called it a day!  :)

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