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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Diamond Diva's VS Rusk Ponytails

 Carli and Ava had their second game tonight.  They were a bit more concerned about why there would be no bouncy houses at this game than they were about the actual game.  I was more concerned that they would have energy since they also had swimming lessons today.  But from swimming lessons to the game, they pumped themselves up pretty good and by the time we got to the game they were really excited to play.

Carli played 1st base the whole time.  She did really well staying near her base, not pushing off the runners and acting like she paid attention!  :) 

 Shiloh was the little girl that had played first on the other game but they moved her to pitcher.  It was a great move b/c Shiloh is very aggressive and will go after the ball!  She also has a great concept of getting the ball and tagging the runner out.

Ava started the game at catcher.  She LOVED playing catcher.  This was as good as a picture as I got from where I was standing.  I think Ava likes catcher b/c she gets to catch the ball a lot but there is no pressure to do anything with it!

Here's the best 3rd base t-ball coach ever - AKA Coach Daddy as Carli & Ava like to call him.  :)

Carli did great batting this time around.  She batted twice and made it on base both times.  She even out ran a tag at first.  Her second hit was a smoking liner - in tball terms.  It went right between the pitcher and second baseman. 

Ava's first at bat she hit in two runs but was tagged out at first.  She was pleased with herself.  :)  Her second at bat, the coach told her to hit it to third and she did!  She made it safely around the bases on that at bat and skipped right into the dugout!

 The girls were all grins at this game and seemed to have a great time!

In the last inning, Ava got moved to playing either second or right field.  Her job was to back up Carli at first.  She made an effort - that's about all you can expect from a 4 year old!

Here's my two ball players in one picture! 

The girls won their first league game!  Everyone seemed to have fun and enjoy themselves, even the coaches!

The girls were pleased that Aunt Genell, Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Johnny came out to watch them play!

Next game is Monday night...here's to the winning streak continuing!

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