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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Drew at 4 months

Drew turned 4 months old on Nov 1.  We were scheduled for his 4 mth check up on the 2nd but I finally gave up on waiting on the flu mist for the girls and since we were in Tyler the Friday afternoon before, the doctor had an opening and agreed to give the girls their flu shots and go ahead with Drew's 4 mth well check so we wouldn't have to come back on Monday. 

I obviously did not break the news to any of the children about the impending shots awaiting them while they cheesed it up in the waiting room...

The girls took their shots pretty well.  They cried but didn't scream.  Drew, well, he screamed.  He screamed during, after and half way back to Trane!  It was a mad scream and he was really mad! 
At 4 months, Drew is 25.75 inches long (77%) and 15 lbs 8 oz (51%).  His noggin was 16.75 inches (78%).

Between switching up my diet in the last two weeks and the 4 month growth spurts and teething, Drew has decided naps are not necessary unless being held the entire time or nursing to sleep.  I try not to but well, he's a pretty strong willed baby and after 1.5 hrs of yelling at me it's time to nurse again and he wins.  *sigh*  For now, he is still sleeping pretty well at night.  He averages 5 hours at a time.  Day light savings time messed us up and he is ready to go at 5:30 now.  :(

Drew is trying his best to sit on his own.  He loves to sit and stand with help.  He was liking to stand in his bouncer, until it broke.  I guess 4 babies was too much for it to handle!  He and his car seat get a long now...about 50% of the time, the other 50% of the time Drew is telling us in not so nice baby terms how much he despises it! He gives very nice open month kisses and is very ticklish! He's chuckle actually scares him half the time, it's pretty entertaining.

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