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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Drew-B is Sick

Our little Drew-B is sick.  :(  His pretty miserable.  He had an AMAZING day on Monday.  He took great naps and was in an awesome mood all day.  We even avoided the evening scream fest that happens quite often when he refuses to nap all day.  But Tuesday he woke up bound and determined not to nap.  As the day wore on, he got more clingy and more congested.  He was still a pretty happy kid...even when he refused to nap!

He helped me change sheets and pull out all my little hoarders piles from around their beds.  He worked on his sitting up skills and played for 5 minutes at a stretch before going from content to Jack-jack in less than 5 seconds...then it was time to cuddle some more.

Drew had a long night on Tuesday night.  Our vaporizer kicked the bucket and we tried to make due with Vicks on our feet and in our scentsy and lavender oil behind his ears.  He ran a low grade fever and was clearly not comfortable.  Wednesday morning I went ahead and called the doctor.  We had met our deductible and had to go into town anyway to get a vaporizer.  They got us in that morning and Drew's ears and chest were clear.  So we just have a really bad cough and have to keep an eye on him to make sure it stays as a cold and nothing else.  That did not make him feel much better though.  :(

He slept in the car a lot yesterday as we went from the doctor to two stores looking for a vaporizer, snot sucker and more Tylonel.  He actually did pretty good but when we got home he was all about being held.  He wanted nothing to do with being laid down even if I had to cook dinner, fold laundry or simply go to the bathroom.  He voiced his displeasure through it all!  He and I stayed home from church and I could get him to sleep but every time I'd try to lay him down his eyes stayed shut but the pitiful wails started slowly and built strength!  He finally fell fast asleep after an hour and a half and slept pretty well.

This morning he's still pretty congested.  We are staying home instead of attempting our weekly trip to Alto.  His eyes aren't nearly as red rimmed so I am hopeful the worst is behind us.  He was in a good mood for the girls to take some pictures before school this morning.

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