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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Whole30 - Week 1 Done!


Last Monday, Keith and I started the Whole30 diet.  Basically, Whole30 is a 30 day elimination diet.  For 30 days you eat no preservatives, no dairy, no sugar and no legumes.  Our goal is to find out what is causing Keith's stomach to get so mad at what we thought was random times AND break my addiction to Dr. Pepper and baked goods.  Keith read the book, I did the menu and we started with a bang last Monday morning.
We survived our first week and did pretty good.  They talk about going through a lot of mood swings, detox symptoms and the like but I think we had it pretty easy compared to what I've read other ppl experiencing.  We stopped taking our Thrive shakes as it wasn't compliant but we kept taking our capsules and I really think that helped us out a lot.
Here is what we ate for the week, you might have to click on the picture to view it in it's entirety:

By Wednesday, we were over the sweet potatoes.  And our dinners were okay but not anything to write home about.  Our favorites were the Chipotle Pulled Pork and Chicken Tortilla-less Soup.  Technically they don't want you to snack but because I am still nursing I get to if needed.  I really only snacked about half the time.  I was pretty satisfied the rest of the time. 
We started the week off with sweet potato hash and after burning out on it so early, our breakfast since have consisted of this:

You aren't suppose to weigh yourself during Whole30.  We weighed on Monday to get our starting weight.  We had a health assessment for insurance on Friday at Trane and they weighed us - so I guess we technically cheated but if that's the only time we did I call it good.  Plus it really was a HUGE encouragement for us b/c we were about done with it all by Friday! 
Keith had lost 5 lbs and I had lost 7 lbs by Friday.  If that wasn't motivation to keep going, I don't know what is!  :)
I said I was doing well on not having too hard of a time craving sugar but I think it affected Drew via my milk.  He was a bear last week.  He quit napping, was quite fussy and a little more gassy than normal.  

Granted, he is teething (we think), but man-oh-man my sweet content baby was not a happy one last week!  This week hasn't started off much better but he has had two bm's in two days when over the last two months he would go 7 days in between bm's.  So I think his little body is adjusting too.  We worked hard yesterday on not nursing to sleep, and for all three naps we failed miserably after enduring this for 30-45 minutes!

So we are on Day 8 today.  They say Day 9 and 10 are pretty rough, like the point where you are ready to throw in your hat and just quit.  I made sure to make our dinners on those two nights something we should like, I hope.  Plus I am prepping all week for a Once a Month Cooking session on Saturday - and that including cooking a lot of food we can't eat right now...mmmm, pancakes...but anyway, WHEN we make it through this week supposedly the last half of the program is a lot easier as you have overcome all the cravings and are simply breaking habits. 
Here is what we are eating this week...

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