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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Last Softball Tourney of 2016

The Sassy Sluggers had their last softball tournament of 2016 in Henderson this past weekend.  Our whole family decided we'd go and cheer Carli on.  Turns out all the girls were having a pretty off day on Saturday.  :/  We played three games and should have won at least won and made a pretty good game out of another but it just wasn't there on that day.

Grammy and Pa came to watch our afternoon game against the Sneaky Cleats.  And none of our girls showed up to play.  :(  Carli was in Right Center field and doing a pretty good job as they were getting lots of balls in the outfield.  But she was in a funk and after she lined out to first in an at bat, I went over to tell her she was doing a good job and to keep doing so.  She told me to stop yelling at her.  I was stumped b/c I had not said a thing to her that wasn't positive.  My feelings were hurt a bit.  After the game, I let Grammy and Pa give Carli the loving and stayed back as I honestly was perplexed as to why Carli thought I was yelling at her.  I told her that night that Daddy would go with her on Sunday b/c I didn't want to discourage her.  And I drowned my sorrows in a Sonic DP and Apple Pie.

After showers and dinner, Carli came and sit in my lap and asked me to take her to the tournament in the morning.  We had a nice heart to heart about how words can hurt and why we play ball and what it teaches us.  This wkd it taught us that it can only take one person with a bad attitude to bring a whole team down, and likewise, Carli should try to be the person with a good attitude to bring the team up.  We talked about doing our best and making it count and we agreed that I would go back with Carli on Sunday.

We had a good morning Sunday.  We warmed up, caught and hit balls and were in a great mood for our first game.  And they won!  Carli did a great job and had an awesome attitude!

And then it was time for the second game.  Carli and I had watched another team play before their second game.  We talked about how as an outfielder you have to be aware of the runners and knowing where to throw the ball.  So fast forward to their second game, Carli is in Left Center and a ball is hit to her.  She knocks it down and comes up and threw the ball right to the pitcher b/c there was a runner at first who was about to 3rd.  She and I had talked about throwing the ball to the pitcher and stopping the runner from going home.  I thought for her level of play she made an awesome decision.  But the coach had been yelling at her to throw to 3rd and she didn't hear him.  When they came in from the field she was pretty bummed out and said her tummy hurt.  :(  I was sure it was just her nervous tummy b/c she'd been yelled at.  Not anything bad but I guess she thought he was upset with her and he wasn't.  The rest of the game I stayed back and tried to let her work through it.  We lost out and got 5th in the tournament.

But even after the game was over, Carli didn't perk up.  She did take pictures with the team and said her goodbyes.  But she wasn't interested in going to lunch or getting a snack.  Her tummy hurt and she just wanted to go home. 

I did get a ray of sunshine when she did ask to try a Dr. Pepper Shake from Herchels...but then she only drank 3 or 4 times from it before declaring she was done.

We got home and she changed and laid on the couch where she stayed all day.  She started running a fever and turns out, she had just finished her amoxicillin for strep throat on Saturday.  And we are guessing the strep was back.  Poor girl, she sure pushed through the day for not feeling well.  One thing is for sure...when the not feeling good hit her, it hit her hard.  Guess we will be going to the doc in the morning.

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