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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving in Amarillo

Bright and early Wednesday morning, we hit the road to Dallas to catch a flight so we could spend Thanksgiving with Naggy and Pappy!  The kids were pretty excited and so were Keith and I!  :)

Drew did great on his second trip in an airplane.  I had the girls sit on either side of me b/c I had no desire to nurse Drew with a stranger on one side!  :)  Drew was pretty pumped, I guess he fed of the energy of his sisters.  Even though it was after 2 when we got to Amarillo, he had yet to nap.  He usually naps around noon.  So it didn't take long for him to conk out in the car!

We started things off with a bang and went straight from the airport to the mall to help Naggy pick her angel tree kid and of coarse, help her shop!  Santa was already at the mall, but staying true to our past the girls were not the least bit interested in seeing him.

Shopping done, we were off to Rosa's for an early dinner.  Drew was pretty entranced with the tortilla maker. 

Drew isn't the best sleeper, so we came prepared with his own air mattress and a plan for Keith and I to take the twin beds.  He had one bad night but we figured out the air mattress was a little cold.  Once we added a blanket under him, he slept much better the rest of the time we were there.

Thanksgiving day we spent at Naggy and Pappys.  We didn't go anywhere, didn't have to get dressed up...simply stayed in the house and enjoyed being with family.  For the girls that meant playing games and helping Naggy cook between pestering Pappy to take them to the park.  For Keith, that meant visiting with Naggy and Pappy while helping keep the kids alive.  For me, that meant catching up on the blog (from all the way back in Aug) while trying to stay out of Drew's way so he would interact with everyone else!  :)  Naggy made us some awesome pasta for lunch and chili for dinner.  We thoroughly enjoyed our non-traditional Thanksgiving day!  :)

Friday, Kevin and Megan came.  We got to catch up a bit with them, baby Jax will be here in February!  And when Megan wanted coffee, the girls decided they wanted Bahama Bucks!  So, we all went our separate ways to satisfy cravings!

Between visiting, eating and sleeping we also managed to squeeze in a Christmas craft...these are gonna end up as part of a gift for someone special!  We sure were thankful Naggy had a well stocked craft closet!

Our trip to Amarillo wouldn't be complete without getting to see Grandpa Herb, and Saturday was all about him!  More on that in another post!

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