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Saturday, March 4, 2017

While Daddy's Away...

Keith had to go to Davidson the first part of the week.  The kids and I survived with a lot of planning, some late nights and early mornings and a bit of Grandparent help!  :)

Here are some of our adventures for the last three days (aside from Carli's very awesome 2nd Grade Play).

Drew was recovering from either strep or a virus.  So he was on a dose of antibiotic that upset his stomach...or it could have been a virus.  At any rate, we love Zofran.  He and I had lots of cuddles and he loved reading "books" which were actually the cases for the DVDs and Video Games that he discovered in a basket on the hearth.

We had to send proof to Keith that not only did we make it to school on time every morning but we were early!  What what?!  That's what happens when Mom buys lunchables instead of making lunches and hands out Captain Crunch for breakfast instead of scrambling eggs!  :)

And yes, I'm a country girl but I DON"T DO SNAKES!  One of the things Keith does is put the big dogs up each night and feed them.  Well, I went to put them up on Tuesday night and wouldn't you know there was a snake.  He wasn't huge but I sure did kick myself for turning down Dad's offer to put the dogs up for me before he left.  I actually would have left him be b/c I didn't think he was a bad snake but he wouldn't get away from the dog food and the cat...the cat just taunted him.  So...I killed a snake.  And then I was done for the night.

We survived a chiropractor appointment, pitching practices, picking up 40 lbs of chicken, homework, Wal-mart, bathes...I felt so accomplished and exhausted!  Ha!

Drew did get to go back to Mawmaw's this week after being sick all last week.  He was so mad at me when I left him that morning and was so relieved when I came back he couldn't even nap for laying all over me.  :)

While we survived without our Daddy - we sure are glad he is home.  Props to all the single parents out there...it's hard work.  I'm grateful and blessed to have an awesome husband.  :)

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