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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wrestling Sick Siblings

Drew hasn't been 100% since he got sick on Monday night, the 20th.  We aren't sure what's wrong other than his stomach is upset.  No fever, no drainage...nothing.  We even took him to the doctor on Wednesday to make sure he didn't have some weird form of the flu b/c we were giving him Zofran every 8 hours to keep his stomach settled.  But that was negative and they really thought he had a cold and drainage from his nose was upsetting his tummy.  Fast forward to the end of the week and Drew was feeling much better.  Thursday he stayed home from Mawmaws to get past that 24 hr mark of being symptom free and he was SO excited when Ava came home and jumped/wrestled on the trampoline with him!

Keith and Carli go to pitching on Thursday's otherwise I'm sure he would have been tackling her too!  We woke up Friday morning, ready to go BUT Ava had a 104 and the chills and Drew was dry heaving again.  :(  So Keith stayed home to help me out since I hadn't been able to work in a week. 

Being sick didn't stop the two of them from wallowing around on the floor together in the midst of their misery!

I was trying to get a picture of Ava and Drew wrestling and said, "Drew!  Look here so I can take your pictures."  He immediately made a cheese face (far right) then went to the "picture" wall and insisted I take his picture and then one of his hair as well!  Ha!

Turns out Ava had strep and it hit her differently this time.  She usually starts out with a sore throat before fever.  But all she had this time was fever and with an antibiotic she was good to go.  Keith took Ava and I stayed with Drew.  Our doc was nervous that perhaps Drew had strep b/c vomiting isn't unusual with strep so she sent him some antibiotic too.  All was well in our house for 24 hrs.  Then Sunday came and we had a great morning at church and Keith and the girls went to practice.  Then we loaded up to go to church that night and Drew threw up in the car.  Not a lot of warning, just a whine, cough and BAM!  We left the girls at church with Grammy and Pa and came home.  Once he calmed and had Zofran he was fine and even ate some scrambled eggs for dinner.  :/

Monday came, Keith had to leave for North Carolina for work and I was giving Drew Zofran b/c I couldn't handle the vomiting at night.  We had a good day on Monday, went on a walk, did laundry and worked around the house.  Drew didn't want to nap, but we solved that issue by napping in the recliner together!

Tuesday we had a good day.  Back to our schedule, almost.  Drew went to Mawmaws, I caught up at work.  Grammy and Pa came over for dinner and to help me out.  All was well.  And so went the rest of the week until Friday night.  Drew had AMAZING days on Thursday and Friday.  He was feeling so much better.  His little personality was shining through.  He was playing and enjoying life.  He was eating and sleeping and laughing.  Friday night we went to hitting and headed to Legends to meet up with Grammy and Pa for dinner and BAM, a whine, a cough and throw up.  Like a lot.  He got sick over 8 times at the restaurant before we got loaded back in the car to come home.  He got sick and dry heaved at least 4 times on the way home.  We got home and gave him Zofran and he immediately calmed.  He nursed and went to bed.  He slept pretty well.  Thankfully the girls went home with Grammy and Pa so Keith and I could take care of Drew.

Saturday morning we went to the doctor and they were perplexed.  This was the 12th day since he first started vomiting.  They tested him for strep just in case b/c I hadn't given him his antibiotic since Wednesday (it upset his stomach and gave him loose bowels) and thankfully it was negative.  We have to go back tomorrow to labs done to try to see if perhaps he has another stomach virus or if there is something else going on.  It is so weird.  As long as he has Zofran, he eats, plays and is in a great mood.  Today, we are going Zofran free and he's done okay this morning.  He was a little more needy and only wants to nurse.  He did eat and while I was getting him down for a nap he did the whine, cough and only gagged as if he were going to vomit.  But nothing happened.  Fingers crossed!!  Prayers appreciated for answers on Monday so we can move past this and be 100% healthly ASAP!

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