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Sunday, November 17, 2013

God's Blue Seas & Business Meetings

Sunday morning we had a little time to kill.  We were suppose to get on a bus at noon to take us to some meetings.  The meetings that were being held in the morning only Dad and Eric got to go to.  So the rest of us, slept in a little and had a lazy breakfast.  Keith and I came back to our room to skype with our girls.  They had an awesome Saturday and were getting ready for bed.  They were very concerned about the snake and needed to talk to Grammy to make sure she was okay after holding it.  Grammy was happy to come over and get to see and talk to them.  We are so thankful for Naggy and Pappy coming to stay at our house with the girls.  God has certainly blessed our us with wonderful parents who make awesome grandparents!

Sunday morning the girls got a note from us and their Japanese fans. 

The one random thing that I have craved since getting to Japan is cheese.  Just a big hunk of Cheddar cheese!  There is not a lot of cheese here it seems.  I was telling Mom this after breakfast and she brought us over some Handi-snacks.  Yum!  I am not a fan of coke, but this mornings handi-snack and coke really hit the spot!  We were told to eat lunch before we boarded the bus at noon.  None of us were really hungry but we knew that we would not be getting to eat until six this evening.  Instead of paying $20 each for a lunch buffet, we brought our packet of peanut butter and went down to the hotel lobby.  There is a little bakery that sold EM Bread, so we bought some of it.  We found some jelly, cheetohs and EM water in the gift store and Ta-Da!  We had lunch!  It was really a very good lunch!  And it only cost us $14 total.  We made sure to pack up our leftovers to take to Dad in case he was hungry.  He sure was appreciative.  He said they basically had rice cakes for lunch and the pbj sandwich hit the spot!

Our lunch view from the hotel patio.

The bus took us to the hotel that hosted the G8 summit in 2000.  As Keith put it, if we were political we would have been in awe.  Maybe Anthony should have been with us to properly appreciate the significance.  We listened to speeches for three hours before being dismissed for the day.  The most awesome thing about the hotel was it's views of the East China Sea.  It was breath taking.  We were hoping we could go down and get closer to the water but there was not time.  Keith took some panoramic pictures with his phone.

A sunset shot before we had to leave...

We spent the evening at another reception.  Dinner was at a restuarant off site.  Apparently the Okinawans like to drink and so do most of the other overseas partners.  So after observing a couple of drinking games (AKA ice breakers per the organizers) and dinner, us Texas folks waited outside for everyone to get done.  That's just one part of business networking that I don't really understand.  I do appreciate that they were very understanding of those of us that did not drink.  And that was cool too.

Sunday is done!  Tomorrow we have a mini-trade show to attend and then we get to go shopping.  Maybe just maybe we will find the girls some kimonos to bring home.  That would be awesome!

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