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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Okinawan Adventures of Little Big Headed Baby

Dear Carli and Ava -

I had so much fun today in Japan.  We got to go see some really neat houses.  They were a lot shorter than our house in Texas.  They had a lot of really neat things at the museum there too.  I especially liked the very old Mickey & Minnie Mouse.  They agreed to take a picture with me!  :)

I learned that all over Japan they have these gargoyle looking things.  They come in pairs.  One will have their mouth closed and the other will have their mouth open.  The closed mouth one keeps the good luck with you while the open mouthed one sends the bad luck out!  Here is a picture of me and one of the gargoyles.  He just looks scary - really he was quite nice!

Have you ever heard of "Where's Waldo?"  Maybe we should play "Where's Little Big Headed Baby?"  I'm in there somewhere surrounded by all the pairs of gargoyles! Can you find me?

One of the traditional clothes worn by Japanese are called Kimonos.  They look like very colorful, pretty dresses.  Do you like the one I tried on?

 We had a very nice man drive us around the island today.  He came and picked us up in an 8 passenger van.  The neat thing was that each seat had it's own lace doily as well as a seat cushion.  Your mom said the seats were kind of small, but I thought they were pretty big for me!

After we left the cool houses, we went to the aquarium.  It was awesome!  Remember that time in Galveston when we got to go to Moody Gardens and touch a starfish?  Well, they let us touch starfish here too.  Grammy really thought it was awesome.  One of the starfish was bright blue!  They also had these long squirly things that we could touch.  I am not sure what they were - I haven't learned to read much less read in Japanese!  But those long black things looked spiky but they were really very soft!

One of the most cool things was the big aquarium that had a couple of whale sharks in them and a whole lot of sting rays.  I could have just watched them for hours!  They were HUGE!  

There was also an aquarium full of other sharks.  Some looked really old b/c they didn't have many teeth left.  There was one shark though that did have teeth and he sure did like to show them to me!  I even took a picture with some shark teeth!  They were super sharp!!

Here is another view of that aquarium with the whale shark in it.  It was so big!  Look at the pretty school of fish and the stingray that stopped to take a picture with me!

 After the aquarium, we went outside and enjoyed the awesome weather.  We saw a really pretty beach and some very blue water.

 And then we got to see a dolphin show.  It was a lot like the dolphin show you saw when you went to Sea World with Naggy & Pappy.  Those dolphins sure are silly.  This dolphin liked to swim upside down!!

I got to see a lot of really big turtles too!  They can hold their breath for a really long time under water, but they can't breathe underwater.  When they would come up to get a breath of air you could hear them spit out the water in their mouths.  We even saw some itty bitty baby turtles. 

Want to play "Where's Little Big Headed Baby" again?  Can you find me on the turtle?

Before we went back for some rest at our hotel, we stopped by a botanical garden. 

It was so very pretty.  It had a whole lot of princess flowers in it.  They were pink, purple and white.  I really liked the purple orchids.  Do you like them?

 There was this really big tower at the garden.  I think it was even bigger than Rapunzel's tower.  Rapunzel wasn't there to let her hair down for me to climb up, so I took the elevator instead.  When I got to the top, it was so pretty!  God sure did an awesome job when he made all that pretty water and sky!

I sure am tired after getting to see all those really new things.  It is time for me to go to bed now!  I hope that you are having fun with Big Headed Baby...will you give her a hug for me?  I can't wait to see what we get to do tomorrow!!

With lots of love,

Little Big Headed Baby

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