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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Okinawan Adventures of Little Big Headed Baby: Day 4

 Dear Carli & Ava -

Hi!  It's me, Little Big Headed Baby!  I think you are getting up and ready to go to school and I am getting ready to go to bed!  This is my last night in Okinawa, Japan.  I get to come home tomorrow and I am so excited to get to see you soon!

Today was a very busy day for us.  This morning we went to something called an exhibition of EM products.  Do you remember what EM is?  It is good bugs - the good bugs that make those germ bugs go away when you get sick!  Anyway, there were people there from all over the world!  We were a little early to the exhibition so we enjoyed the view out of the window of the hotel.

We were finally able to go see all these products made with those good bugs.  There were a lot more than these on the table where I was at.  They were all different colors. 

 After the exhibition, Momma and Pa were in a mtg with some ppl from South Korea so Daddy, Grammy and I put up our feet and enjoyed the cool island air and the awesome view outside!

Speaking of our hotel, this is the name of where we stayed.  It was called The Wellness Resort at Costa Vista.  I like the EM logo b/c it reminds me of a puppy dog foot print.  Don't you think?

 When the exhibition and meetings were over, we all got in a couple vans and went to check out a farm.  This farm was called "The Sunshine Farm."  They were growing papya, celery, lettuce and even had chickens, pigs and one goat!


My favorite part of the farm was the baby pigs!  After we left the farm, we stopped by to see an old Japanese house.  It was really neat.  They did not have windows and doors like we do in our house.  Instead, they had sliding doors that would open up the whole wall to let the fresh breeze come through the whole house.  I even found a couple of dolls dressed in the traditional Japanese clothes.

The old Japanese kitchen did not look anything like our kitchen at home.  This kitchen is over 500 years old.  They used baskets to store their food and would cook in big pots on a fire.  Can you see me in the Japanese kitchen?

Originally this Japanese house had hay for their roof.  They called it a thatch roof.  But about 200 years ago they put the Okinawan red tile on the house.  It was a better protection for them when it would rain.  Do you want to play "Where's Little Big Headed Baby?"

I don't know what this tree is called, but it looked really cool!  Can you find me?

The house had a big wall that surrounded it.  The purpose of the wall was to give the ppl in the house some privacy since they had no windows and doors but had big open walls for the breeze to come in.  This wall is made out of coral reef from the sea.  Can you find me?

We found a little pond full of fish.  The fish wanted me to feed them but I didn't have any food.  My favorite fish is the super big gold fish - do you see him?

I do not know what these things are but they looked like pretty cool little guys to take a picture with.  I bet you cannot find me this time!

 We left the old Japanese house to go have lunch.  We went to this very famous restaurant that had Noodle Soup.  Momma ate rice and a coke.  I do not know what Daddy ate but I know it had pork (pig), rice and an egg.  Do you want to try a bite?  Daddy said it was pretty good.

 After lunch we went shopping for some treasures to bring home from Japan.  We found some really awesome stuff to bring to you both and Naggy and Pappy.  We also saw some pretty cool stuff.  My favorite was this 50 year old Kimono, which is a Japanese dress.  The nice lady at the store let me try it on.  Don't I look so pretty?

 You know what they do not have here in Japan?  Sonic.  They do not have a Sonic and that means that Momma and Daddy have not had any Dr. Pepper since we left home.  We were walking down the street today and guess what Daddy found?  He was very happy!

You would not believe who else we saw out on the street today.  Santa Claus decided to stop in Okinawa to say Hi and get nice and warm before going back to the North Pole where it is so cold and snowy.

I really liked these orange light balls.  I wish I could have taken one an flown up in the sky like the lanterns did in Tangled for Rapunzel.  Do you remember them?

 After our shopping trip, it was time for dinner.  We were all super hungry b/c we had walked a lot today.  We went to a Japanese Steak house.  They came and cooked our food right at our table!  The cook even juggled the salt and pepper shaker for us.  He threw it up in the air and caught it behind his back!  It was pretty cool!!

I better go now and help Momma and Daddy get packed and ready to come home.  We have to be on an airplane for 12 hrs tomorrow.  I am so excited though b/c I sure do miss cuddling with you.

Have a good day at school! 


Little Big Headed Baby

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