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Monday, November 4, 2013

Splinter Woes

Back in September I had to go to Dallas for work and the girls spent the day with Mrs. Beth and Jacob & Conner.  They all had a blast.  However I did get a text from Beth saying that Carli had gotten a splinter and she was only able to get half of it out.  Later that night Keith called to say that he was having no luck with Carli and the splinter and she was hysterical.  So, when I got home we had a look.  She had a good half inch long splinter that had gone into her big toe just under the callous.  Beth had gotten the top half of the splinter out but that left the deeper half inch still in her toe.  We soaked it in Epsom salt for 30 min but Carli got hysterical, kicking and screaming at the sight of tweezers.  So we put her to bed splinter and all.

I decided to go ahead and take her to the doc on Friday b/c I didn't want to go through the weekend and run the risk of an infection.  Turns out she didn't want the doctor to see her splinter, much less try to get it out!  She screamed, kicked and cried hysterically.  The doctor suggested we give it the weekend and try to soak it out.  But if she would not walk on it properly we would have to go to a podiatrist...oh boy.

All weekend we tried to encourage Carli to walk normally and to be brave.  We tried a couple more times to get the splinter out to no avail.  We soaked her foot three times a day and finally on Sunday afternoon Keith was done.  He decided no matter the amount of screaming or hysteria we would get the splinter out. It took only a minute to get the splinter out.  Carli will tell you it didn't hurt.  But she wished her Daddy hadn't held her so tight.  But then she will tell you she probably would have kicked Momma if Daddy didn't hold her.  Awesome.

Keith took her for a celebratory Sonic Dr. Pepper after surviving the splinter extraction. 

Three weeks later the girls were playing in the back yard and Carli came in and announced she thought she had a splinter.  Sure enough she did, in the toe next to her big toe...same spot.  She got hysterical just being told yes, she did have a splinter...

We didn't wait three days this time.  We just sucked it up and got the job done.  The fear of tweezers and splinters I can only guess comes from her experience with her finger back at 11 months old.  At least that would make the most sense!
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