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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Okinawan Adventures of Little Big Headed Baby: Day 3

Dear Carli & Ava,

Good Sunday morning to you!  I hope that you have a great day taking Naggy and Pappy to church with you.  I did not get to go to church this morning.  We have only seen one church since we have been here in Okinawa.  Since we do not have our own car, we cannot go where we want to go all the time.

Today we did not really get to go see really cool old stuff but we did see some amazing waters.  All morning we got to stay at the hotel.  Well, Pa had to go to meetings but Momma, Daddy, Grammy & I stayed at the hotel.  Momma told me that you got to skype with all of them.   I missed getting to talk to you b/c I was still sleeping.  Being a tourist is very hard work for a Little Big Headed Baby!

Before we got on a really big bus to go to the meetings where Pa was, we had to have lunch.  None of us were really very hungry.  We all decided that we could really use just a simple sandwich.  We found some EM bread and jelly and some Japanese cheetohs!  We used the peanut butter Momma had brought from home and we had a really yummy lunch!

After lunch we got on a really big bus.  It was bigger than even the school buses we see around our town at home.  When we got to the place where the meetings were, we could see some beaches.  These were beaches like I had never seen before.  It had water bluer than the water at the swimming pool.  Can you see how blue the water is?  I really hope we get to go to the beach tomorrow so I can see the blue water up close.

After we saw the beautiful East China Sea that God made, we had to go sit in a big room and listen to people talk for three hours.  I could not understand everything that they were saying b/c they spoke Japanese.  

When the talking was over, we got back on our big bus and went to a little mall.  It was not a lot like our mall b/c it was not as big.  It had three stories and we got to ride the escalators to each floor.  We found a book store that had a book on Hello Kitty.  It was all in Japanese so I could not read it.  Momma said I kind of look like Hello Kitty!  What do you think?

We ate at a restuarant called "Kenny's" which sounds like it is American but the food was Japanese.  Momma did find some curly fries to eat.  The rice had seaweed in it.  They also had some raw fish that they eat.  They call it sushi. Momma and Daddy did not eat the fish!

Pa was very tired from his all day meetings.  I was tired too, so Pa and I decided to take a nap while we waited for everyone else to finish their dinner.  Do you like Pa's green necklace?  It has candy in it!  I have never had Japanese candy.  Maybe Pa will let me bring some home for you all to try with me!

My favorite part of today was getting to see that really blue water.  It was hard to believe that water could really get that blue.  My nap with Pa was pretty good too.  He asked if I had a cookie or pudding neck but I told him I left them back in Texas with Carli and Ava.  :)  Do you all still have them?

Tomorrow we get to go shopping and maybe we can go find a beach with really blue water.  I hope you have a really good day at church today.  I am getting a little homesick and am ready to see you all again.

Lots of Love,

Little Big Headed Baby

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