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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Okinawan Adventures of Little Big Headed Baby: HOME!

Dear Carli & Ava -

I am so very glad to be home with you tonight.  Momma said that you asked from me to post one more letter on the blog for you to read in the morning.  I had a lot of fun in Japan with Momma, Daddy, Grammy & Pa but I was really missing getting to see you!

When we got on the plane in Tokyo to come home you were still sleeping.  It was only 4 in the morning in Texas.  We were on that really big plane until almost 4 in the afternoon...that means we were on one plane for over 12 hours!  I was so excited when the map finally showed that our plane was in Texas!

We didn't have any problems getting off the plane and finding our luggage.  We got in Grammy & Pa's big black car and headed home!  I borrowed ya'lls car seat so the police man wouldn't stop us for me not being a good little big headed baby!

 We got half way home and realized we were really hungry.  Momma said ya'll were eating at Taco Bueno so we stopped and got a bite to eat too.  The Dr. Pepper and cheeseburger were so good!  I really missed not getting to eat those in Japan!

I was so happy when we finally got home.  You had decorated the house so pretty with all your pretty pictures you had colored and cut out!  My favorite though was when I got a great big hug from my Ava-Bo!  I was so happy to see you both!  When it was time for bed, it made me so happy that Ava insisted that I come sleep with her in her bed.  

It sure is good to be home with my two most favorite little girls ever.  I hope that you liked all the pictures I took in Japan for you.  Maybe you will be able to tell all your friends about my adventures in Japan.

I Love You!

Little Big Headed Baby

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