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Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Little Soccer Player

We signed Ava up to play soccer at the YMCA this year.  We wanted to sign both girls up, but Carli informed us that she did not want to get sweaty.  Nice.  Our hope was that Carli would see Ava play and would want us to sign her up next season. 

Ava is a bit unsure of all the people at first.  She has warmed up to playing/practicing really well on Tuesdays.  But during the games she kind of freezes up on us.  Every once in a while, you can see a little spark and she will kick the ball or stop it at the goal.  We call this success since she is one of the youngest on the team of 3/4 year olds and it is her first time to be exposed to a team sport!

Ava's team is called the Superheros!  She has a great coach.  He does a really good job of making sure all the kids get to play.  He is not overly competitive that he gets frustrated when a kid (aka Ava) stands still with her hands in her mouth the whole quarter.  He keeps encouraging her and will grab her hand and have her throw the ball.  Mr. Jamie has been a blessing to Ava. 

During the games, Carli will act like she wants to go play or help Ava.  Although sometimes she is all girly girl and is so done with this getting up so early on Saturday mornings.  She is a very encouraging big sister though and tries her best to get Ava to kick the ball and run!  :) 

The last few games have been a bit cold and it has really hampered our luck in getting Ava to play on game day.  Live and learn.  Her confidence has built with each practice and she will tell you that she is having fun even if to us it seems like she is miserable!  :) 

There are two other little girls on her team - Taylor and Piper (AKA Cinderella).  Piper insist on being called Cinderella and we all do so mostly because it is so cute.  Seriously though, if you call her Piper she won't acknowledge you!  Between a double header one more all the girls had a blast kicking the ball around with each other.  If only we could get them to do that in the games!

Our last game is on Saturday morning.  We get to follow it up with a party in the park with pizza and trophies.  Carli is convinced she is getting a trophy too since she did show up to most of the practices and all of the games! 

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