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Thursday, August 20, 2015

38 Years and Counting

August 20th is a very special day.  This is that day that my parents were married, 38 years ago.  They didn't plan a big celebration but instead they spent their day serving others.  Perhaps that is part of the secret to such a long successful union - they put others before themselves.  My dad drove to Fairfield to take building supplies to my Great Aunt so they could work on rebuilding her carport.  My mom cooked dinner, bagged it up and brought us dinner and stayed with Drew so I could go with the girls to swimming (first time in over seven weeks) and then we could go to meet the teacher. 

Yes, my parents practice what they preach and so, today the girls and I talked about what it means to be married for 38 years.  They decided that we needed to make cookies for our new neighbors...so we did.  Carli even made them a card.  If the neighbors are ever home, we might get them their cookies before we eat them all!  :)

And then the girls put a lot of effort into making Grammy & Pa anniversary cards.  Carli's says, "38 years ago, ya'll got married.  I love you.  Carli"  She also made the pot holder, which she says is a coaster for Pa to use and not stain Grammy's tables.

Ava colored a picture of a tree and cut it out.  She also colored the XOXO and pasted it on the envelope.  We had to explain that she was conveying...Grammy & Pa sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Meanwhile, Drew spent most of his day sleeping which was a welcomed respite after our Wednesday when he absolutely refused to nap unless being held!

The girls were very proud of their cards but were so excited to find that Grammy and left them a thank you note in their mailboxes when they got home from meet the teacher tonight.  Carli said, "Mom you were right, when you do something nice for someone it makes your heart happy."  Yes Carli is sure does!

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