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Monday, August 17, 2015

Amarillo by Morning - Mon thru Wed

Drew and I started off our Monday with a productive 2 hr nap on his tummy, only I didn't nap - I worked but a nap is equivalent to working in baby language.  So basically he and I had a very productive morning!

Naggy kept the girls busy and first thing Monday morning they were off to play at an indoor playground, followed up with snowcones before an afternoon of swimming at Mrs. Jeri's.

We talked to the girls Monday night.  They talked non stop and were having a lot of fun.  Unfortunately Naggy got to experience the "changing taste buds" of the girls.  They both LOVED chicken strips and mashed potatoes last time we were in Amarillo.  It's one of Keith's favorite meals that Naggy makes, so Naggy treated the girls to the favorite meal.  They only at a combined 1.5 chicken strips...word is that Ava came back and ate one cold later.  Kids and their perceptions that change their taste buds, or so they think sure is frustrating for those of us who cook!

We sent the girls air mattresses with them to Amarillo so the girls set up shop in Naggy & Pappy's room.  Apparently telling Ava over the last five years every single time we go to Amarillo NOT to play with Naggy's elliptical was not enough of a warning and she smashed her ring finger pretty good Monday night.  Pappy had to make an emergency trip to the store to get some Tylenol.  It's nicely bruised - maybe her nail won't fall off!

Tuesday morning, Drew sent the girls a "Good Morning" text!  He was quite smiley that morning!

The girls and Naggy were off to do a little real estate work then to Mr. Gattie's for lunch.  They came home with a few prizes from playing games!

The last time the girls went to Amarillo, I sent them with little gifts to open each day.  I did not have time or creativity to do that this time, so we sent notes instead.  I tried to write each note basic enough so Carli could read them to Ava.  Each note included a gift card or a little money to do something with that day.  Monday they used their money to buy a snowcone.  Today they used some Wal-mart gift cards to buy a toy...I was thinking a small pool toy to take to Mrs. Jeri's pool.  I think Naggy supplemented the gift cards and they came home with a couple of nicer toys than I anticipated!

Keith and I were excited to see that the girls got to go see Grandpa Herb for a little while and very thankful for Naggy snagging a picture for us!  They helped pick a few pears while at Grandpa Herbs.

The girls proved that they can eat and they can eat a lot with Naggy & Pappy treated them to Taco Bueno for dinner!

Wednesday morning, Drew and I got up to a text from Carli with this picture!  Carli has started taking our phones and sending text out to ppl.  For the most part they make sense!  :)

Drew of coarse had to say hi to his sisters!

Wednesday the girls went to the big pool and showed off their swimming skills.

Drew checked in on Naggy later that day to make sure she wasn't worn out yet!  She said she was doing great with swimming and activities but the showers and hair washings were about to do her in!  :) 

The girls grabbed another snow cone after church...

Drew wasn't to be out done...so he went to Dairy Queen after church and grabbed his Momma an ice cream cone!  :)

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