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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Going to the Dentist

We moved into our new house last July but we had to vacate our old house last May.  Apparently the girls dentist did not mail or call with appointment reminders because any good mother would have written it down or simply just remembered a dentist appt six months in the future.  It did not dawn on me that we had missed the six month check up until Carli covered dental hygiene in school and wanted to know why they had not gone to the dentist in a long time...oops!

We waited until this summer and switch to the dentist here in Troup.  We did this for two reasons:  1.  Uncle Andy had gone to him and said he did an amazing job, plus logistics...so much closer!  2.  We knew the dentist. The girls knew Marshall and we hoped that would help with any anxiety they may have about the dentist.

Unlike at the children centered dentist place, Marshall's crew treated the girls like they were little ladies.  They came and got them and didn't even ask if Mom or I wanted to go back with them.  Honestly I think this approached helped a lot.  They weren't given the option they were just expected to do it!  They had x-rays done of their teeth for the first time and even had a full teeth cleaning! 

Carli came back cavity free, Ava had one small cavity on her back tooth.  She told every one a pink and purple sugar bug was living in her back tooth and she was going to have to have the dentist take him out!  So a week later we went back to the dentist.  Ava did awesome and again, she didn't expect me to go back with her.  She got her sugar bug evicted and came out all smiles! 

Before we went to the dentist for the sugar bug removal appointment, Ava insisted that I curl her hair...hey, if it makes her feel confident to be a big girl at the dentist, I am all for it!

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