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Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Wkd in Fort Worth

A couple of weekends back, we loaded up as our first road trip as a family of five.  The girls were off to spend a weekend in Amarillo with Naggy & Pappy so we were meeting them in Fort Worth for the weekend and to hand over the girls.  We loaded up Friday morning and headed out...all five of us!

Drew did really well on the drive.  We stopped in Terrell and did a little back to school shopping before heading on to Ft. Worth.  The dealership where we bought our car was literally a mile down the road.  One of the services they offer is free car washes for life.  Since we beat Naggy & Pappy to the hotel, we decided to take advantage of the service!  The girls enjoyed the free snacks and drinks while our car was pampered.

Keith had bought the girls new Kindle Fires as their little Kurio phones did not live up to the reviews they had received.  They had gotten the Kurio's for Christmas.  Ava's literally refused to reboot one day and to get either of them to charge was a miracle.  When we contacted Kurio, they refused to help since we could not produce a proof of purchase...from a Christmas gift over seven months prior.  I told them we registered the devices with them, and they said we must of registered for the extended warranty b/c they don't have an option to register to devices.  Basically, b/c we didn't save a receipt to prove when we bought them they refused to fix their product.  They offered to do so if we paid $60 for each which we got brand new Kindle Fires for $90...a much better product.  So such is my pitch to not buy Kurio...

Obviously the girls loved their new toys...this is what they all were doing while I nursed Drew Friday afternoon!

After the car wash, we got back to the hotel and Naggy & Pappy were there.  We loaded back up and went to Rosa's for dinner...YUMMY!  Then back to the hotel for some swimming.  This was the first time the girls literally swam by themselves.  Keith had his swim suit on but the girls never really needed him.  They would swim the length of the pool, jump in the hot tub then back again for more.  It was great!

The girls stayed in Naggy & Pappy's room and Keith and I had Drew.  Drew did really well I thought for being only 4 weeks old and not in a familiar place to sleep.  He really enjoyed sleeping on his tummy, which he did not do unless supervised.  I really did miss my recliner though at 4 am when he simply wanted to be held and rocked...

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan had planned on coming but they had a change of plans.  Us girls still kept our pedicure apt on Saturday morning then we all went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory for Drew's One Month Birthday!  :)  He totally was into the cheesecake!

After lunch, the girls wanted to swim again so we went back to the hotel and it worked out for Aunt SuAnne and Uncle Tom to come visit and meet Drew for the first time.  We had a good time catching up and watching the girls swim.

I'm pretty sure Naggy & Pappy were living it up as Grandparents that weekend!

The day completely wore Drew out.  After we got back from dinner, we could not wake him up to eat.  We changed his clothes, tickled him, moved him around and everything else we could think of but he was not waking up!  So Keith and I did the next best thing...we went to bed at 8:30 and took advantage of the situation!

We got up bright and early Sunday morning to go to early service at the church Keith and I use to attend when we lived in Arlington - Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ.  And then the girls were loaded into Naggy & Pappy's truck and they headed west and we headed east...


We were able to get to Palestine in time to catch lunch with Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Johnny, Grammy, Pa, Tone & Holli at Little Mexico.  This was Drew's first time to Little Mexico...I'm not sure he was properly impressed but he did get lots of loving from Aunt Carolyn and Grammy!
Naggy kept us updated on their progress back to Amarillo.  The first picture we got was of Ava finishing her breakfast with a note that she shouldn't be hungry until lunch.  It turns out Ava didn't like KFC or Taco Bell which were the lunch options so her donut was her lunch!  :) 
My favorite text from Naggy was:  I wish I had counted "are we in Amarillo yet" except I cannot count that high!  Ha!

And so begin our week of only having one kid at home while the other two worked on wearing out Naggy & Pappy and having a grand ol time in Amarillo!
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