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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Amarillo by Morning - Thu and Friday

Thursday morning and it was lunch date day for Drew and I with Daddy!

 After we had lunch, we took Drew up to visit all of Keith's co-workers before we headed home.  We had to take a picture with Manda.  The girls absolutely LOVE Manda and they are always asking Keith if he say Manda at work or if Manda was going to come downstairs to see them when we stop by to get Keith for a lunch date.  So it was a given we that Drew had to get a picture with Manda so we could send it to the girls!

 We visited with Manda for a while.  We talked about how much Drew grunts at night and gets the hiccups.  Later that night she called to tell us that her husband reminded her that one of her boys did that as well and he had silent reflux so we might look into that.  I did and go figure, completely made sense!  I left the pediatrician a message that night and by 10 am Friday morning Drew had meds to help his reflux and wow did it help!  He now only grunts and acts mad at us when he has gas or is hungry and not ALL NIGHT LONG!  :)

On Thursday the girls went back to Mrs. Jeri's and had quite the swim party with lots of the kids from church!

That night they used the "date card" we sent with some money to take Naggy and Pappy on a date to Sonic.  They apparently hit the jackpot in change when they got out and scoured the parking lot for dropped coins!

We talked to the girls again on Thursday night.  Crazy how much it seems your kids grow after being apart for just a week!  Ava talked non stop and was so excited to tell us all about her week!  Carli gave us a very detailed plan of what they were doing on Friday before we said good night and signed off.  Since Drew could not talk on the phone he had to send a good night picture to his sisters.

Friday's are the girls Kayla days but since they were here Drew ate up all the Kayla attention.  He literally slept on her all day!  We made sure to let the girls know that Kayla had her hands full even if they weren't here!

The girls went to the indoor playground one more time before packing up after lunch and heading to meet Keith in Jacksboro.

Keith found the girls in Jacksboro and after a short visit my family headed home!  :)  We are so thankful for Naggy and Pappy and their willingness to take the girls for a week and loving on them while making lots of new memories!

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