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Monday, January 25, 2010

23 Weeks

First - I must note that Carli had her first bloody lip last night. She was "running" in the kitchen and fell face first on the tile floor. I guess having only two teeth at 15 months has its advantages - not bad to have made it so long without a fat lip!

And we managed to get a 23 week belly picture in before our Sunday came to a halt. Keith even managed to get us both smiling! All three if you count the baby karate chopping my bladder, I'm pretty sure she thinks that is funny...

I did go to the doctor last week for a belly check. I like my doctor during this pregnancy more so than last. He is a little more sympathetic. I really like his nurses...they make me laugh. They asked if I felt okay - I told them I hurt - and they responded with, and? I told them I felt huge, and they told me I was normal and then congratulated me on making it up to my "pre-pregnancy" weight finally. I guess I had lost more than I thought I had during the first of the pregnancy. He did tell me that this little one was measuring right on for 23 weeks and her heartbeat was really strong - always helps when she kicks the heart monitor thing when he is trying to listen to her! A bright note for me was that he told me at 39 weeks he would do a voluntary induction on a second child if I am extremely uncomfortable. That is good news, b/c I am still fearful of having a huge baby - and seeing as to how I feel huge, I am already a little nervous! Plus, he made me go the full 41 weeks with Carli, 10 days after her due date! So, I was relieved to at least know that option was available.

We go on Feb 2nd for our second ultra sound. He is doing a full check up I guess just to make sure everything is A-Okay with her and her two veined umbilical cord. Carli's pediatrician had told me that he is really checking the development of her kidneys and heart, that blood flow is a big deal. So I guess we shall see. We are excited to see her again on the sonogram though!

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