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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a Sunday

Our Sunday has not gone as planned, but such is life - right? Yesterday, I started sneezing and had a swollen throat, but attributed it to allergies and the beautiful weather. Being pregnant all I can take for a runny nose and coughing are Tylenol products and they don't do anything for me - especially when I'm pregnant. So as I lay in bed last night counting backwards from 100, trying to fall asleep, I must have dozed for a little while b/c when I woke up I could have sworn someone was breaking into our house and was trying to take Carli - stupid dreams. So then I lay there rationalizing why such a thing would not happen and if it did I would have heard something. But just in case I did check the baby monitor numerous times to make sure Carli was still in her bed - and let the dogs out of the room just in case...you know, my three less than 15 lb watch dogs. I felt safer. So after a long, long night of not sleeping - when morning came I was exhausted, and promised myself a nap upon returning home from church.

We got to church and I felt and apparently looked horrible. I made it through communion and had Keith bring me home. I was exhausted and did not feel good. Keith went back to church and I slept. By the time he and Carli made it home I felt much better and the Sonic Dr. Pepper he brought me really helped - so much more so than Tylenol! Still got a runny nose, but as Keith has told me, I'm a horrible sick person. I would much rather be doing something than just sitting...I tried to do the floors and he wouldn't let me. So I've done a consumer report thing to mail in, I've played on facebook and now updating the blog. I think I'll go to small group tonite and keep my distance b/c I can't stand not doing anything!!

Carli looked super cute this morning and we had a successful bow morning. Daddy was able to remove the bow prior to our nap with no hair tangles too! She looked like one of those little Dr. Suess characters when he got it out...

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