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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Daddy's Girl...

Carli LOVES to help her Daddy anyway she can - she especially loves to do whatever Daddy is doing...

If anyone were to ever question the fact that Carli has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger, let the following be proof to the contrary. Carli loves to “talk” on the phone. She really likes it when she can push buttons and things light up. She whines and reaches and begs for Keith’s blackjack all the time, and he usually gives in. One night she was done “talking” and threw it down. This resulted in a small part of the lower right hand screen to then be “broken”. The glass wasn’t broken, but the color was all messed up. The phone was still useable and the only downfall was that I could no longer play my favorite game, bubble breaker. But that’s okay – I found an iPhone app for that…anyway…so Keith learned his lesson right? Wrong. Two days later, I kid you not, he let her have it again, and this time she killed the phone. The screen went totally white and Keith lost his ability to use his phone. It would still ring, but that did him no good b/c he could not see who was calling nor could he call anyone…so he had to switch to his old faithful Samsung flip phone. At least until Jan 15 when his contract with AT&T was within its 30 day renewal period and he could get an iPhone…which is what he really wants and which is probably why he kept letting his daughter play with his blackjack.

I didn’t feel sorry for him. You can say that is mean, but the man doesn’t learn! He has had the same watch since he was a senior in high school – 10 years. They are inseparable. But, he leaves it within a certain little girls reach and one morning when watch and tile floor met, the floor won. He sends me an email that day entitled “This is the day I have been dreading…” Immediate thoughts of lay offs come forth and I start to freak out…only, it was a watch that had met its demise, not his job AND it was his fault! But don’t worry – he got on ebay and found the exact same watch for $20 – he was willing to pay $65! Goodness…wander if he will learn…

Let me answer that for you – nope. She’s still got him and he’s still giving in. She wanted his Samsung flip phone to play with and he provided it willingly. I tried to intervene and give her the old dead blackjack which she was not interested in b/c for one, Daddy didn’t use that one and for two, it didn’t light up. So, I told Keith to turn it on for her so at least the screen would be white, but it would light up and maybe the Samsung flip phone could survive a mere week and a half longer. He turned it on and guess what – the blackjack booted up and works just fine…full picture and all…wander how long it will last!

And just think - he's about to have two girls. Hmmm, this should be fun!

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