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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Super Sunday, Part 2

So, our Super Sunday quickly turned into one of sheer panic when I could not find Hooptie’s keys anywhere…but first, a little background.

We sold Volvie and bought what we thought was a pretty awesome 08 Mercury Mountaineer. Well, turned out it was not what it should have been. The dealership was deceitful, and after about a month and a half we returned the car and got our money back. Having dealt with that and with the holiday’s approaching I did not want to deal with looking for a new car. Up stepped my parents and offered us the use of one of their vehicles. We fondly call their 96 Ford Escort, Hooptie. It isn’t much to look at, but bless it’s little heart, it just keeps ticking when everything else seems to fall apart!

Having Hooptie has done us a world of good. It brought us to reality, that looks don’t matter, functionality does. Hooptie has saved us tons of money on gas. We have tried to take really good care of him. Carli and I washed him, vacuumed him, get his oil changed and keep him gassed up. He is our faithful little companion on our biweekly trips to Alto and does a really awesome job getting us there. So, we have changed our focus and hopefully we will be able to return Hooptie to his rightful owners soon, once we find a comparable vehicle that is as dependable and efficient as he…

So with that said, the only thing both my parents told us when we “borrowed” Hooptie was that there was only one set of keys…so not to lose them. Check. Should not be a problem, right?

Well, Saturday was a busy day. Keith begin one of our many projects in preparation of the arrival of Baby #2 and Carli and I were sent to the hardware store to get some supplies. We obviously made it home. Saturday was a huge success, Sunday morning was great. We take Keith’s truck to church on Sunday’s so it was not until grocery shopping time that we realized Hooptie’s keys were not hung up. We did a quick search. We had swept and vacuumed on Saturday night, so surely the keys just got put somewhere else. We looked and looked. I got frustrated and declared I was going to the store anyway – and left.

I got in the truck and decided perhaps I should call our mechanic. Bless his heart. If you need a good mechanic – check out T&L Auto in Jacksonville. He is awesome. Anyway, I called. He assured me that they would be more than happy to come all the way to my house (30 minutes away) and hotwire Hooptie to take him to the shop and see about getting a key made…which would be no easy task. I told him we would keep looking and swore him to secrecy…please, please, please don’t tell my parents! And I came back home.

Keith and I looked everywhere…in the garage, in the trash, in the dirty clothes, the toy box, under couches, everywhere with no luck. I started tearing apart the bed, and Keith was looking in the linen closet. Then it got quiet…guess where the keys were…go ahead, you’ll never guess….

Remember this picture?

Outside the doggie door. Well, turns out we have the most random things end up outside…forks, toys, cheerios and now add to that list, keys. I don’t know why it took us so long to think to look there. Talk about a huge relief. I was so stressed out. Hooptie’s keys were found! Woohoo!

So, we figured, I must have gotten out of the car and put the keys in my sweat shirt pocket while I got things out of the car. Carli and I came in the house and promptly set about getting lunch together. I took my sweater off and the keys must have fallen out. Carli then took it upon herself to put the keys outside the doggie door…thanks baby…you are too sweet!

So three hours later, high blood pressure, many tense comments and calling our mechanic Tim back and letting him know we had found the keys…I think I can sleep good tonite. Such was the end of our Super Sunday!

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