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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Headed Baby

Carli simply makes me smile. She became attached at a very young, itty-bitty age to her froggy. She sleeps with him every night and loves on him every morning. She actually runs into her bedroom when it is nap time so she can have froggy. Besides froggy, Carli has not really attached herself to any other toy. She will have a favorite for a day or two, and then move on to the next toy. However, last week, she found Big Headed Baby in her toy box and has proceeded to carry her everywhere.

Big Headed Baby came to our home compliments of Mom #3 (AKA Ms. Jamie) from the shower she gave Carli back in the summer of 08. Since coming to our house, Big Headed Baby has had a home on top of the TV (the dogs thought she was an awesome play toy), in Carli's room (until the dogs found her) and then in the toy box. Carli has come to the age that she will tell the dogs "No!" and take things away from them if they are not to have them. So Big Headed Baby was safe in the toy box with Carli on guard.

If you look close you can see Big Headed Baby on the left side of this picture - this was at our shower.
We have been pointing out babies in pictures, on TV and Carli even has a couple of baby dolls we have tried to get her interested in hopefully to help prepare her for the one we have on the way. She gets really excited when she sees a real baby, but the dolls were of no interest to her at all! Well, last week Carli was on her emptying routine of the toy box which usually simply entails throwing every thing out of the toy box and declaring it all done and leaving. But, this time, when she came across Big Headed Baby she got so excited and yelled "Baby!" and quickly gave her a huge hug and took her all over the house...

Lounging on the couch...
Taking a stroll...
Move over Tighty, make room for two!
Helping Big Headed Baby into the chair...
Waiting patiently for Daddy to come home at lunch...
Yes, she did put the headband on herself...she got mad when one would not stay on Big Headed Baby...
Big Headed Baby even had to join Carli for her Daddy hug!
There was actually a little indecision today at nap time, if Big Headed Baby needed to take a nap as well. I was able to talk her out of that...only one baby in the bed at a time! Thanks Ms. Jamie for our Big Headed Baby!

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